In the 20th century for-profit athletics largely supplanted religion as the opiate of the masses, and also for a lot of people who had enough schooling if not education that they should know better.




I go to my local MegaMediCorp's office for my annual physical exam on Saturday morning, +2022.12.03, at 09:30, hoping the parking lot will not be ovecrowded as it often is.

I get there and the lot is almost empty. I think: I guess they are not so busy on Saturday mornings?

I remark to one of the technicians that the place seems almost like a ghost town. She enlightens me: Everybody's watching the [soccer] World Cup on the television (It's in Qatar).

That's why we have a goddamned war in Ukraine, not for freedom, but for World Cup soccer!

My country's team right or wrong! Soccer soccer, über alles! People are fing idiots.

"The history of the Azov Regiment begins with ultranationalists from the Metalist Kharkiv football club, known as Sekt 82Go team!" (source here)

Soccer fans / Nazis! (Once I said to somebody that the Boy Scouts could lead boys to become Nazis (or something like that): They became livid: I had touched a third-rail. Boy Scouts, Young Pioneers, Hitler Youth... symphony orchestras.... Any group being led by a Leader ["Führer" simply means: leader] is bad, albeit sometimes some are necessary evils in emergencies. Emergencies are evil.)

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

So, who will winl and who will lose? We can confidently predict before the games start: Some nations' teams will win and get prizes and they and their fans will be happy. Others will lose and be unhappy but strive diligently to win next time. (And if nothing else, they provided the winners their opportunitty to win.)

The big winners are 100% assured: The fat cats who Run FIFA. The purpose of the whole circus is for feed their fat faces, and every team, by doing its best for itself, is doing the best for the sport, i.e.: for the FIFA fat cats (not the kind that meow)See the winners lose!

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Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!
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