Scum and suds

The Ayatollahocracy

The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, 2021 (PBUH?).

Just as I was about to start writing this page, I saw a piece on Israeli cable news channel (I-24) describing as fact the kind of thing I had ironically written in fiction: here. It showed the young adult children of the prig prude Ayatollahs in Iran engaged in lewd dance parties where they had bribed the Revolutionary Guard, not to look away from what they were doing, but to guard the door to protect their sinful decadence. I have nothing against debauchery although I would not want any part of it -- I would like to see a thousand chaste orgasms blossom, i.e.., persons discretely savoring connoisseurship of their bodies, not being two-legged "pigs" (pace the porcines); my objection is to the hypocrisy.

Tehran, Iran. Fountain of fake blood in cemetery for soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88).

Daddy is telling the wretched uneducated testosterone soaked young males in the slums to don suicide vests and blow up sacreligious infidels to become martyrs in Heaven where they will be able to deflower a thousand virgins, while daughter has long since been deflowered by a thousand young Ayatollahs to be → or more likely they will become zillionaire investment bankers in London with super yachts in Malta, and as collateral damage paying for the paparazzi's families' dinners and rent. Scum and suds.

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The worker bees and the hive

The purpose of the people is to be worker bees to produce surplus value for their rulers to enjoy, and this takes several forms:

Let me declare up front my bias: Born to be suds and not liking it, I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) expose the scum. Had I been born as scum I hope I would have been decent about it, but no way whatever do I want to have anything to do with the suds, nor with the scum, either (to be suds is bad; to be scum is to be bad; among the latter, Noam Chomsky seems proactively constructive whereas Donald John Trump and Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, are proactively destructive and somebody like Kim Kardashian West is just living waste) -- I'd want to be above them all in the intellectual Empyrean, beyond "the world". End of self-disclosure of my bias.

Of course most of what I write on this website is old hat and too obvious to even mention to someone more fortunately childreared than myself, so if you are so privileged there is no point wasting your time on what I write. Just please give me a hand up, since I am not yet dead.>/p>

As I see it, society, both the suds and the scum, or if one likes, the rulers and the ruled, or all the citizens of The United States of America who were created equal and endowed with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (if they could dodge the draft, get a desk job in the service, or by hook or by crook survive their tour of duty) -- whatever. Society is a transitional formation between the beehive and fully self-reflective self-conscious existence / Being (I will not use the word "humanity" here, which is equivocal). "I am who am" (Exodus 3:14); are you too, my reader?

A person who is engaged in creative activity is not part of society. They are having heir new idea: shaping it, critiquing it, studying it, who knows what that is not part of the existing world. But how many persons (people) are that way? Maybe per the tuberculosis sufferer Henry David Thoreau thay are living lives of quiet desperation of maybe not. But whatever the affective tonality of their living, it is not being engrossed in creating something new. It is shuffling around preexisting stuff. I student wants to ace his (her, other's) SAT exam. The teach wants to collect his (her, other's) paycheck and maybe catch an exam cheater for sauce on the steak. Marshall McLuhan famously said: "The medium is the message" but everybody is engrossed in the message and it occupies their minds comprehensively enough for them to not be bored to death.

So what do we have to keep everybody from being bored to death: social customs. A lot of them are not really good enough. A man wants to get his biweekly haircut but that may not completely occupy all his time and energy. He doesn't particularly like his job. And even mowing the lawn doesn't quite requite. So we have celebrations and sacraments. It's the kid's birthday today! Gotta get the kid a gift! Gotta have a birthday party! Maybe the kid really gets off on being birthday partyed or maybe he just imagines he is. The idea is as serviceable as the reality. Ditto mommy and daddy.

Then there are things like sex. What fun would it be if the women just saw themselves as hunks of meat for the guys to buy? Seminal discharges. Wow! But if the society makes the biological urge into forbidden fruit then the people can all have lots of fun digging holes to fill them back up again: the guy woos the girl who plays hard to get. This occupies time and energy in a way they feel is meaningful like Valentine's Day cards 💗 (BFD).

A lot of social customs are relatively harmless. Males getting haircuts and women getting perms are not really causing any permanent damage. Watching HBO doesn't really hurt you, either. But some social customs can harm the participant(s) and others (or the same ones) who in their turn can harm non-participants, and the unwilling can be directly coerced to participate: Keep America beautiful and get a haircut Or else!! These customs are the problems.

Where's Waldo? Find the individual in the group! Does the group change when one particular individual changes (e.g., dies)? Does one particular individual change when that particular individual changes (e.g., goes on a ventilator in ICU)? As a certain BRM motivational slogan said: "You are the difference".

I think you are stupid but I do not care much if you want to enlist to get yourself killed in a war, but conscription to try to get me to do it when I don't want to is not good for me. That should be obvious but it triggers another social custom: punishing "draft dodgers". An example of the direct kind of fool is Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, a journalist who was occupying his time writing newspaper articles trying to bring down the autocratic political regime in Saudi Arabia. He wanted an early Valentine's Day card for his True Love 💗, so he bopped his flabby ass off into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get a document saying they approved of him getting married to her. What did he expect when he went in there? A medal of honor from the regime he was working to overthrow? He got what he should have expected: murdered and taken away in pieces. But then other people subscribe to the romantic love fantasy so they get all worked up over his murder instead of saying that he got what he asked for, and this might lead to a war between The United States and the autocrats in Saudi Arabia or at least to them cutting off our oil supply so that I would have to pay more at the gas pump. They are not keeping their fun to themselves.

Looking at pubescent males as I experienced being around them when I was physiologically XY like them and their chronological age, many were empty heads with hormonal irritations. What to do with them? One biggie is to get them to beat each other up in competitive body contact athletics inappropriately called "sports" because there is nothing fun about them but rather: cooked up bellicosity. Can the "games" and lower the temperature but then the kids would be bored and who knows what trouble they might get into. It's socially unacceptable to tell them to masturbate until they drop. That's more social customs: sexual repression.

People should evolve to become persons. The flock of 2-legged sheep should split up into individuated animals like cats (or maybe not, since cats need food to eat). Persons should get on with creating (not procreating!) and not need social customs except for rational ones like keeping social distance and respectfully bowing to one another in social greeting instead of, as even Donald Trump once called it: barbaric and unsanitary hand shaking. Even if I had been born into the scum class I would still have to deal with most of them not deserving or appreciating what they've got but at least I would be able to order à la carte: I'll have connoisseurs in moderation on incunabula pilaf, thank you.

The Net

Social customs are uncreative people's substitute for being creative. They can in their banal and privative way be creative by creatively enacting their prescribed social customs. You can string the lights to decorate your house for Xhristmas your own way. You can choose to drive a Ford, a Chevy or a Plymouth. You can choose to shave with an electric razor or a blade. You can mow the lawn Saturday morning before you get your haircut if you are really proactively individual, or after you get your haircut, like most men. You are even free to mow your lawn bare breasted [males only, this item]. As Dinah Shore sang: America's the greatest land of all. Life is good, isn't it, Mr. Jones(?)  

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