Example stupid user interface design

Which way are you signalling to turn?

Left turn signal!

Left turn!

This is really stupid: The left turn signal light [] on this Cooper Mini points right, and the right turn signal light [] points left. (Only some Copper Minis have this feature; some have more rational tail lights). I actually saw one of these on the road while driving one day. In the daytime it's just perverse. But in the black of night or even worse, in dense fog, might not the possibility of misreading the driver's intention lead to an accident. Of course not, because everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds etcetera and so forth.

When I made a posting about this on a public Internet forum, I got a response which was even more stupid, although not entirely ignorant: The person said it's a British flag! And indeed it is: torn in half and the two sides separated by some 3 feet or so. I was too stupid and ignorant to see the profound [half-]truth about which that great public intellectual enlightened me.... And I can't find anybody who wants to pay me for User Interface advice (as opposed to lusting to suck my blood [only metaphorically, of course, since they are not mohels...] to extract more computer code hacking out of my poor soul like they can get out of lots of everyday techies).


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Left turn signal!

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