High school hagiography: Building patriots

Pledge allegiance to your country and to the flag for which it stands!

Wouldn't German school kids in the 1930s have pledged allegiance to their country just like American kids in he 1950s (e.g., me, no thank you) pledged allegiance to their country? It all just depends on the luck of the draw (Fortuna): the GPS + UTC coordinates of the birth canal or C-section hole by which you entered this world, doesn't it?

The more I THINK about just about anything in my social surround, the more disgusted I become.

American History? I just now (+2022.05.30) saw the title of a book that I have no idea what's in it, but I love the title:

Better Off Without 'em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession

Why did we have a big potlatch to "preserve the Union"? So what?.

1776? So what the shit? If I was living in the North American Colonies of The British Crown, was King George denying me the freedom to read Shakespeare or Milton? Not that I heard of. If tea with tax is too expensive, drink something else. Was the rebellion just a bunch of Zelenskyites (ak: "founding Fathers) who selfishly wanted to be a men's club that ruled a country rich in natural resources and keep it all for themselves (In the name of high moral values, of course; CYA = true)?

The French and Indian Wars? I've read we would be better off if the French had won. Thay were apparently even against slavery in the territories.

Slavery? The solution would have been to prevent the very first slave ship from entering American Colonial waters ("Sorry, you white slave traders; we're not buying. Go some place else with your cargo."). Society is a huge network of nodes held together with rubber bands: Add a node and all the other nodes dynamically reconfigure due to the elasticity of all the rubber bands which are like an invisible hand. Remove a node and the same thing. Without slaves the Southern property owners would not have become so rich so fast but they probably still would have figured out some way to live comfortably without getting their hands dirty. The Northerrners did. Nor did they teach us in school that Sbraham Lincold thought thee big difference between slavery and wage labor wa sthat the latter condition was temporary not permanent.

The flag? It would be a shame to have to use a lovely piece of textile art to wipe your ass if you run out of toilet pape. But if the flag was mass produced what would they cost relative to plain cotton napkins? People waste little flags all the time on the graves of dead soldiers, so they mustn't be very expensive. A flag is just a picture, not something to die for. Burning flags is stupid: It adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Iinstead of praising famous men (women, others), let's out them! List every last one of them's extramarital sex partners in the history books and also everything they did sexually except for the missionary position (and count the number of times they do that). Tell kids to emulate The Reverend Martin Luther King Junior and President John F. Kennedy by f*cking women other than their lawfully wedded wives. For homework, have kids look for communists under their beds each nite.

Ask the kids why they think their political leaders are not not truly "First in war" (not just first in peace and first in the heaarts of their countrymen) → First in getting themselves mutilated and killed in battle before any enlisted men. Ask the kids to write essays on why leaders are generally valued more alive then dead but citizen soldiers valued more dead than alive? Ask them if all men are created equal: Possible comparison: Barak Obama ("Behold Barak Antoinette!") and themselves, and Jeff Bezos and themelves, too.

Remember the Alamo? You betcha! Dont't be a fool and get yourself into a lost cause suicidal military situation. To riff on an old joke: "Your Alamo or your life!" "Take it"

Bring it home: Put the teachers (and parents, too) under 24./7 video camera surveillance including on the toilet, to let the kids learn what adults do ourtside the classroom.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works"

I'd have been interested to see my teachers' genitals and asses, and my parents', too. But I was SOL: I never went in a locker room in school and avoided urinals without privacy partiions in public mens toilet rooms. Disgusting people! My parents stuck enema syringes up my anus and enjoyed the view; why not me theirs?

Patriotism is a sickness. Its victims don't see reality. They support their country whether it is right of wrong; that would not fly on answers to test questions in American History class would it: "My answer, right or wrong!" ~ Able bodied males are potential food for carrion birds. Civilians are candidates for collateral damage. Political leaders live high on the hog come rain or shine. Why don't Political Leaders kill themselves? (And religious leaders, too, since they celebrate the afterlife for their followers.)

Donald Trump almost had it right: He said men who let themselves get captured in battle are losers. No: They are victims. "Hero" is a euphemism for: "sacificial lamb." If I was in Ukraine today I'd be doing everything I could to get out of that wretched place in one piece and I would hope and pray each day for Mr. Zelensky to have died, even if I somehow got out and away from him. If the pen was truly mightier than the sword....

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