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You don't want to be here.

You don't want to be here. But you are, anyway. Leave before you get offended!

"Anything that a lot of people like has to be good, because if it wasn't good they wouldn't like it." (Andy the War hole)

"At 03:14:08 UTC on Tuesday, 19 January 2038, 32-bit versions of the Unix timestamp will cease to work" (Wikipedia)


αληθεια      λογος      πολλοι

today's Ferdinand Magellans of The Office Water Cooler

wmic bios get serialnumber     Computer name: LAPTOP-SHVJVJ41

Theodore John Kaczynski

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn   samizdat      French secularism: laïcité

Make a goddamned symbolic link:  
        mklink /D \Pictures \Users\mccor\OneDrive\Pictures

Harper's magazine, "A Letter on Justice and Open Debate" 
Luke 2:41-52 💗

Attenborough / catastrophe:

the Chicxulub impactor (end of the dinosaurs)

Hitono-me "The societal eye"  [[File:EyeIcon.gif|Your superego is watching you.]]

Israell sex therapy for injured soldiers:

Pierre Chareau and Bernard Bijvoet, Maison de Verre

Prince Charles is a fop asshole like St****N P****N.
Harry&Meghan,LLC are twits.

FTA (Remember 'Nam?) Fuck The goddamned Army!

Google translate: Warum bin ich sehr empfindlich gegenüber den kleinsten Fehlern an meinem Körper? Weil ich keinen anderen Körper habe, um mich zu beruhigen, ist dies mein letzter Ort, um es auf Erden zu versuchen.

Dr. [WhatsHisName] Franco cursed me at Pensylvania 
        State University student health department 1968
        telling me my place in life was to be something
        other than being good with women (the jerk was 
        supposed to be testing for albumin in urine): I hope
        he is burning in hell forever with God's blowtorch 
        focused on his penis and testes and perinium and 
        turning his anus into useless scar tissue!
        Remember people who have not been good to you!

A tweet issued on the official page of the U.S. military 
command in charge of the nation's nuclear arsenal early 
had many on social media confused and concerned:

";l;;gmlxzssaw,"   ";l;;gmlxzssaw."

DHS 42059608; 88054805; 63855869; 61161061; 51848759

Internet Archive: Bradford McCormick792

What are you looking here for?
You will find it at the bottom of Lake Strategic.

A cigar is a fire on one end and a fool on the other.
4 Green Leaf Court 

Just in case you weren't let in on the secret:
Marcel Duchamp's Mona Lisa's "L.H.O.O.Q." is French for
"She has a hot twat." Neat, eh, priggies? I never was
adept at "find the hidden meaning" in scahool: From
Wikipedia: "Rrose Selavy" means: physical love (eros) is life;
Ergo: Celibates who don't get off on being celibate are dead.


How can they let live
who do not themselves live?

Let the lady who plays hard to get
keep her purity.
Iron rusts.

P**** P***** B*xt*r W*b*r was a toxic bitch (Homer's Circe),
        who turned people into pigs -- err: servile admirers
P***** is great! P**** is good! P**** smiles at you!
R*b*rt B*xt*r (new codename, +2022.02.19: "Boxcar") is a fop.
*nn* T**lm*n-R*th should have had a better man 
        than Boxcar.

Remember that dead skunk in the middle of the road,
stinking to high heaven?
Maybe it was really Ronnie and Nancy Reagan's 
armpits, or their...

[[{{BRM|Waste#WhiteTrash}}|Donald J. Trump]] is the anus of Western civilization
Das Arschloch des Abendlandes
Why hasn't Donald J. Trump long since killed himself?
Howe must more damage has this piece of White Trash done 
        to The United States than Aldrich Ames, Alger Hiss, 
        Klaus Fuchs and Robert Hanssen combined?
USPS Postmaster Louis DeJoy is one of his hemorrhoids.

I have a picture of Kim Kardashian West that looks like 
she had surgery to replace her mouth with somebody's 
anus and now she(?)'s straining to defecate. 
Out with it, bitch!

Of course I do not like Trumpies, but you gotta
give the Congressman credit for telling it like ot is,
who called AOC a f***ing b****. Delete word #1 and 
impound AOC in a tow yard with Corvairs and Pintos!

The net of "TheAge of Beloveds is disgusting:
The elite need to enjoy pleasures which the masses must
     not find out about because the masses cannot control
        their hormones except by being "food for powder",
    but if it's a choice between the masses finding out
        what they must not know, and throwing the elites 
            under the bus,
    governments alway choose to throw the elites 
            under the bus
        because they need the masses to keep
            being "food for powder" and not getting any
                rebellious idea into their heads.
The existence of anything of value depends on the
    masses being kept ignorant of all the things they must
        not find out about.
I was childbirthed and childreared and perp schooled
    among the masses. They put me off at the wrong place
        when I was born. It was a goddamned crime of
            American Levittown and tail fins 
                society against me. Noli me tangere!

Wiki z(BMcC[18-11-46-503])z zBMcC[18-11-46-503], zBMcC[18-11-46-503]0 zBMcC[18-11-46-503]D *zBMcC[18-11-46-503]d zBMcC[18-11-46-503]'s

Wiki z-PublicBMcC[18-11-46-503]D *z-PublicBMcC[18-11-46-503]d z-PublicBMcC[18-11-46-503]'s

Wiki z-Public{{{BMcC-Public|X}}D *z-Public{{BMcC-Public|X}}d z-Public{{BMcC-Public|X}}'s

+2021.04.18 09:33. 
A prediction. If everybody eats Joe Biden for lunch,
they will be sorry,. Had Trump won, and he almost did win, 
everybody would be whining about Trump, 
and that, quite correctly, because Trump
was a traitor destroying the nation. Biden is basically good.
All the AOC shitheads should thank their luck stars
they have him and be doing everything in their power to
help him, not to jerk him around for their parochial agendae.
Democratic party assholes of the left and 
Republican party assholes of the right! 
Assholes everywhere. 09:40.

+2022.04.03. Joe Biden is unfit to govern. (1) His temper tantrum about Putin in a press conference. (2) Trying to pressure the Department of Justice to move on Trump. He deserves for Trump to get off due to him having influenced the investigation.

++2022.06.23. Ha! Ha! The above ws all before Mr. Biden really drank the Zelensky Kool-Ade. He is unfit to govern: w a good tep-and-fetch-it aide for President Oama. But now he is a threat to you name it he's a threat to it support for TV Commando Z's war in the Donbas.

My home computer is clean: Everything is in one directory. And all my Internet stuff is in one subdirectory of that directory. Note that symlink "Robbie" uses symlink "BMcC".

C:\Robbie\WikiBkup>dir \
 Volume in drive C is Windows
 Volume Serial Number is F611-8BEE

 Directory of C:\

12 May 2021  05:18    <DIR>          Autodesk
13 May 2021  12:39    <SYMLINKD>     BMcC [\Users\mccor\bradstuff]
28 Sep 2021  05:24                41 dh.bat
16 May 2021  17:02    <SYMLINK>      np.exe [\windows\System32\notepad.exe]
06 Jun 2021  01:30    <SYMLINKD>     Pictures [\Users\mccor\OneDrive\Pictures]
28 Sep 2021  05:39    <DIR>          Program Files
25 Sep 2021  07:21    <DIR>          Program Files (x86)
22 Jun 2021  23:33    <SYMLINKD>     Robbie [\BMcC\assets\Robbie]
16 Aug 2021  18:19               131 StandardScanScanLog.csv
12 May 2021  02:24    <DIR>          Users
18 Sep 2021  03:54    <DIR>          Windows
               3 File(s)            172 bytes
               8 Dir(s)  437,776,457,728 bytes free



+2022.06.23 v016. So what?
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Margaret Keane painting. Poor man's version of 11th Century sculpture of Buddhist monk with face split down center revealing a second face underneath (Kyoto National Museum).

I (BMcC) was a nerdy kid who had ideologically incorrect thoughts (1962-64) in school. I was not a conformist. I opposed "the cult of school spirit", so, presumably I would have opposed the cult of "diversity" spirit, too.The nerdy kid, who, it should be obvious, is me (BMcC&#91;18-11-46-503&#93;), asks: "Is it OK to speak International Aviation English, Mx. Principal?"The nerdy kid asks: "Is it OK to speak International Aviation English, Mx. Principal?"


NYS Dept of Labor BradmccNysDol2018
Where did Vadimr Putin come from? W001 #not
"Individuality and society" (Unesco publication "Impact of science on society", 31(4), 461-466)

Keane cat. Meow!
Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!

Almost all of the social surround people excrete is excrement.

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