1961 Stp Yearbook art

Art from the 1961 Crusader yearbook. Apparently there was an artistically gifted student in the class of 1961, 3 years before me. So it seems, therefore, that not everyone in the school always was already dead. David Lee Maulsby (Senior picture caption: "The three-toed tree toad sings his ode to the moon."); I never met him -- I never had any interaction with any student outside my graduating class, although I must have passed some of them in the hall, etc (and, a fortiori, I never had any contact with any female from the affiiated "girls" school" just down the hill from the "boys" school" -- Purdah USA 4 me).

Nor that the only thing anyone there could imagine was another shiny plated varsity lacrosse or tackle football winning team trophy cup.

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1961 Stp Yearbook art
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