The Franklin Mint on steroids

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Carpe Diem Minute Repeater Is Here To Remind You To Not Get Too Attached. $495,000 USD. Source:

This wristwatch is The Franklin Mint (Culture Criminals since 1964) on steroids. Pandering to the most impoverished of lack of [good...] taste. Apparently the insides of it are high quality, not a prize in a McDonald's Happy Meal or a Timex Mickey Mouse watch or whatever. $495,000 USD (2021CE). Apparently this crime against horology actually exists or will be in the near future. Maybe Donald J. Trump would wear one? Or Homer Simpson? It's jewelry aimed at the top Yakuza boss except he might be more discreet and seek his death head art fix in his wife's tattoos which are always hidden from public view.

This is the kind of thing, in my (BMcC) opinion, that triggers people living in abject poverty to really really really hate the rich for ripping them off and being dissipated stuff for Tabloid front pages. Paparazzi bait. It's ¬(Bill Gates). It should be a felony to produce such things or to buy them, but it isn't. It's like the a**hole who once rebuked me for saying in an Internet forum that a person should not be allowed to own a great work or art and eat it for dinner if the person wanted to spend their money to do that.

I think this was worth documenting as something that, to cite Sophocles out of context, should never have been born, or given the misfortune to have seen the light of day, to go back swiftly whence it came. Send this damned thing to somebody's Freak Show and charge people admission to see it, like the three-headed man in a big bottle of formaldehyde or whatever.  

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