Bill and Hill

Bll and Jill

From about 1996 to 2007, I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) lived across the street from the Catholic Church in Chappaqua (New York), about a mile or so from the Clintons' residence where they moved after the end of Mr.Clinton's 8 year tenure in the Presidency. A statue of The Virgin Mary watched over our house 24/7/365.25.

I never met either of the Clintons, but wife and daughter appaaretnly did encounter Mr. Clinton once or twice in Chappaqua's little in-town area of small, local shops. He was apparently quite friendly to small children and dogs he met on the street.

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But in real life hee two were not exactly saints.

Mr. Clinton famously either could noe or was not inttereted in controlliing his male hormones in the Oval Office with an intern named Monica lew[d]insky, And he lied about it under oath when subjected to a "Starr Chamber" interrogation where the other political party tried to impeach him or something like that. The whole thing, both sides, was disgraceful: Mr. Clinton should have been discreet; his political adversarie should have stuck to the nation's business not been prigs. He got off (well, that's a double-reading expression, isn't it?).

Mr. Clinton either was or got off on acting the part of a low life, just another beer belly in the local tavern. Mr.Clinton's Vice President, the patrician ex-Senator Albert Gore, disdained him and paid for it: Had Mr. Gore stooped to let Mr. Clinton campaign for him and win votes of uncouth voters who liked Mr. Clinton for seeming no better than them, Mr. Gore might have won the 2000 Presidentlial election, but he was too "classy" for The United states of America, so he lost on his merits. Mr. Clinton likes to play the Saxaphone and, well, he either is or gets off on acting like white trash.

Mrs. Clinton attended Wellsley College, a "Sever Sisrters" school, and there she apparently learned to feel entitled. She was owed the Presidency in 2016 and when Donald trump took it away from her, she felt cheated out of what was hers by right even if not by vote count. She apparently continues to believe a "conspiracty theory" that Russia's President Vladimir Putin did it, and as for Mr. Trump, she has publicly said that his MAGA followers need to be "reeducated", not that their grievances need be empathically addressed.

A now vengeful lady, embitered by the thest of her birthright (the Presidency in 2016) not aging gracefully, who probably styed with wayward Bill only for the sake of her career.

In this pair it seems we have a very good example of what another apparent sleaze, Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas might have been referring to when he said he would rather deal with an honest racist than a hypocritical liberal. Smiling faces tell lies.

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