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Emilie Williams upvoted your answer to: Until the blueprint stage's vision is actually fully completed and you got every checkmark absolutely right to the core with intent. Is it not worth actually bringing into reality until you get all of it right otherwise it will be a waste of time?

This question sounds to me not clearly asked. So I willanswer what I think maybe relevant:

On any non-trivial project you can never "get all of it right" because we did not create the world and so ther maybe thing swe don't know about in the things we do. Everybody takes things on faith. Some foolishly like believing religious dogmas, but others perforce: Structural engineers genreally do not know qhuantum physics but all buildings are made of quarks, etc.

It is intractable even if not theoretically impossible to completely design any complex project. My "fav" is IBM's systm 360 computers and their associated root operating software. Somebody was going to get all that stuff "all of it right"? IBM always ha a large numbe of highly competent "Field Engineers" on staff to fix the problems that kept cropping up in it.

Fools just cook up stuff and throw it over the wall and get promoted. But sometimes you have people who are so conscientious that they will never let the product ship if left to their devices. They wake up each new morning thinking: "What if…. Oh my God… Gotta dig into that today…." In these cases the manager has to manage and take the thing away from the perfectionists and push it out the door — knowing it is done to a high standard of quality even though not "perfect" and having his (her, other's) Field Engineers to deal with what happens.

If it's perfect, it's probably perfectly trivial or useless. If it's sloppy people may unnecessariy die from it. Watch the fine series on The Smithsonian Channel, "Air disasters" and see the whole gamut of it all, from criminal negligence to "heroes" who somehow manage to save the day when something goes wrong that nobody could ever reasonably have been expected to imagine. From the Boeing 737-Max at one end of the spectrum, to Apollo 13 at the other end.

Boeing manger to his manager: "I've seen projects in the military stopped for lesser problems [than the 737-Max". Response from senior manager to his report: "In the military you don't have to make a profit."

A response to something else I posted, the specifics of which latter do not matter here:

Isn't this a classic?  

What are the scope and limits of science?

Bradford McCormick
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I'm not really into Wittgenstein, but I think here about what might be a Wittgensteinean sentence:

The limits of science are all that is the case.

Science can tell us what exists and it can inform us of what David Hume called "constant conjunctions" among experienced objects.

What science cannot do is set the agenda for human actions (and inactions). It cannot tell us what we want to do (or not do), only what things we have to do something about (or not do anything about). Human persons — usually big bosses sitting around a big table in a big fancy office — decide what is to be done or not done: Human persons dispose over the domain of objectivities which science helps us understand more clearly than by ignorant ethnic childrearing. Instead of praying to a spook to give us rain, we might seed potassium iodide into clouds — but that is a poor example of the great things science can help us do to improve our lives, such as enabling women to have orgasms without fear of pregnancy. And that is the point: science is a servant of living your life: easing pain, increasing joy. For many persons as they grow older, supplying Viagra instead of visiting a shaman or just throwing in the towel.

But a person who is all they can be is not limited to reality: Reality is a thing to be overcome through creativitity. All that which is: that with which science works is just Fortuna: the luck of the draw of an invisible hand (Deist deity, whatever Neil deGrasse Tyson believes in or Martin Luther King Jr or anybody else….) Science provides raw material for persons to become artists. But that is not exactly true: Real scientists, not just lab hacks, are themselves artists, creating scientific theories which are not just lumps of Fortuna's excrement but themselves works of art which were not part of mere reality. Nature did not cook up quantum mechanics, did it? Or polio vaccine, or did it?

So don't just believe in science: Go create some! Also, redo the tests to see if what we currently believe about the natural universe really is the case or if we can come up with a better approximation to the ultimately unknowable: Copernicus beat Ptolemy, and Kepler beat Copernicus, ecetera at infinitum…. Be like Leonardo da Vinci and create all three: art, technology and science! Or be a lump which can be investigated by such sciences as sociology and psychology and, neurophysics. You are a judge of the world (including the Abrahamic Deity if such exists in the world) whether you judge yourself to be or not.

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Why doesn't anyone understand my situation? I wouldn't care if they came in to inspect. After living here for 2 years, they want to give me a check list and do the inspection myself so that they don't have to have an employee do it. It's not my job.

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The perosn asking this question does not sound happy. Why?

If you are annoyed about having to do a check list, just check off as fast as you can that everything is A+ OK and be done with it.

But maybe you really do want an inspector to come to see what bad things you are stuck with? In that case take that check list and "sock it to them!" — unless you fear being evicted and have no place else to go, in which case you may just have to "eat it".

If "they" want YOU to do a job you don't feel is your responsibility and you are not endangering yourelf, take out your frustration on the task and really do it — do it to them! Send them back a box of documentation, maybe with pieces of peeling paint from old radiators, a jar of rusty water from a leaking sink, some excrement from a toilet that doesn't flush right.... They are asking you for your opinion, right! Don't they deserve, as they say in court: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

Just don't shoot yourself in the foot!

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