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U.S.A.F. Colonel John R. Boyd's OODA loop[4]

Best practice: Manipulate what your enemy perceives so that he will orient himself to your projected delusion.[1] Then: Attack him by surprise in [new current reality]; he psychologically collapses due to his newly observed disconnect between his current [deluded] environment and the newly observed [real] environment of the situation, which demands he take time to re-orientation before he can do anything, which you do not give him time to accomplish.


  1. Get your colonoscopy. Boyd died from colon cancer.
  2. Males: Get your PSA test. Frank Zappa died from prostate cancer.

BMcC typology of species homo sapiens/erectus[2]
in Anti-social[ist] 20-21st century United $tates of America

TroubleAll trash to recycling!
People who should not have been born.
They consume resources that could otherwise go to others. They wilfully harm and destroy contributors.
They have (often "legitimated") power. They make trouble. Non carborundum legitimi.
[Able bodied] people that consume but do not produce (often: "celebrities").
They are irrelevant.
When there are surplus resources leftover from those who contribute, they are not a problem.
Persons who preserve others (e.g.: RN's and LPN's)
They are important because they preserve other people and persons.
Without them, there would be no world for others.
Human resources
People who reproduce individual and species life.
They are important and valuable.
Without them, there would be no world for others. They are necessary for obvious reasons. They do not harm anybody, and nobody should harm them.[3]
Persons who create new value.
These are the most valuable of all, because they create the human world in the first place and continue to refresh it.
Without them, there would never have been any world for anybody..


"Star and bars" insignia.
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  1. This can be very cleverly done without you having to actively alter anything your enemy is currently perceiving, which might be impossible. unless you are in the control center of The Truman Show. You simply have to do something to the shared environment (your real environment) that makes your enemy's orientation obsolete so that what he is currently oriented to is no longer there but he does not yet notice that his orientation has become invalid.
  2. Homo erectus include hominids that perambulate on two legs but have little of no knowledge, or, a fortiori, wisdom, such as and perhaps paradigmatically: (POTUS №45) Donald J. Trump.
  3. The anonymous persons who work to make honest goods and make babies and such should not be exploited for cannon fodder in wars, etc. They have not committed crimes and therefore they should not be punished. Everybody should be thankful for their often thankless contributions to the social world.
  4. Your Comment on Would F-16s Have Made the Difference in Ukraine's Counteroffensive?
    The New York Times
    1:45 PM (2 hours ago) [+2023.08.13]
    Your comment has been approved!
    Bradford McCormick | New York
    I have no idea what effect F-16s would have in the current war. People say it is a 4th generation fighter and today is 5th generation. The back story of the F-16 is interesting. It was designed by the maverisk USAF Colonel John R. Boyd, the uundisputed master of theory of air-to-air combat and a self-proclaimed student of the ancient military genius Sun-Tzu . He wanted a plane that was small, simple and fine tuned for a single purpose: dogfighting. The pentagon wanted everything including the kitchen sink. We ended up with a good compromise. In its time, the F-16 was the best. And Colonel Boyd was the best too. The only way he ever got anything done was by a few people in th pentagon, "the fighter mafia" running interference for him. They were also the only way he made full Colonel. There is a fine book atout him: "Boyd: The fighter polit who changed the art of war". I heard him lecture once at IBM Researech in 1982. He started early in the morning and ran through the afternoon, only stopping for excutive lunch. Every snetnce was an insight. And he also handed out over an inch thick tcack of photocopies of his notes so nobody had to take notes. One thing I remember clearly. It was soon after the end ov the Vietnam war. He said: "The way to win a guerilla war is to offer the people a better life than the eguerillas offer them" --better in THEIR opinion, not just yours. Col. Boyd died in 1997, from an enemy within: colon cncer. If appropriate get yorr colonocopy.
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