Me, me, me!

1 is solitary, lonely, solipsistic  + + +
2 can be a couple, dialog+ + + + + +
3 is a crowd− − −
4 has an audience− − − − − −
≥ 5 just keeps getting worse....  − − − − − − − − ⇒ 

Yes I want to be the center of attention. I was childreared to be of no value by People who had no value and so had no value to bestow. Even if they praised me it mwant nothing because they meant nothing -- well, they did mean things, like mowing the lawn and coercing me to get haircutted, so what?

I'm willing to make YOU the center of my attention, in which case I am still the center. You and I can be the centers of each other's attention Everybody else is an onlooker (or an intruder...).

Where's Waldo? Find the individual in the group! Does the group change when one particular individual changes (e.g., dies)? Does one particular individual change when that particular individual changes (e.g., goes on a ventilator in ICU)? As a certain BRM motivational slogan said: "You are the difference".

Lux mentis lux orbis. All humans! Be a lighthouse in the darkness of all that which is not human or nominally human but less than honorifically so!

What is intolerable for me is to be a member of the audience: a replaceable unit adjunctive to the protagonists. Being a member of the audience is being an object disposed over by the center(s) of attention. Three people are already one too many, no matter how good each is individually. A crowd is inimical even if it (also, nominally...) means well [The medium is the message!]. The packing density of human beings on this planet should be similar to that of lighthouses, often I'm (we're?) stuck with it being more like a bee hive: Buzzz!

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Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!
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