The light at the end of the tunnel

What awaits me (you?) at the end of the tunnel? Semper paratus?

What, for you, my reader, is the light at the end of the tunnel? James Russell Lowell (1819-91) said it's a train coming toward you. If it's a single track and everybody's watches are accurate and synchronozed to standard time zones, the train coming in the other direction should have waited while you were clear to go thru the tunnel, and you must get through it in your allotted time slice for the other train.

I think of the light at the end of the tunnel as a Vietcong with a flashlight (unknown origin), i.e.: something bad coming to hit me but that superficially looks like it might be good, such as a smiling face that tells lies. I was reading an unimginably horrific story about one of the "tunnel rats" in Vietnam and now I've lost the URL. W without question, each and every one of the politicians who sent men to wretchedness and often death and/or dismemberment in Vietnam should eat that story[1] and then say, looking in the eyes of their intended victims: "Sure, get to it guys. I gotta run now; The executive dining room stops serving in 20 minutes. Hava good trip. Thanks again. Bye, now.".  

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  1. In Abel Gance's film "Napolon", there are clerks in the Ofice of the Terror who save people from the guillotine by literally masticating and swallosing their dossiers: "Eaters of documents".

BMcC signature seal stamp. Modelled on 18th century messenger's letter box in collection of Suntory Museum, Tokyo. Japanese write poems and prayers on slips of paper which they tie into knots like this shape although with longer legs. Prayers are often tied to branches of trees which can look like they are covered with snow. "Symbol of a symbol, image of an image, emerging from the destiny that is sinking into darkness...." (H. Broch, "The Sleepwalkers", p.648) Always remember. Add value. (This image created not later than 21 May 2003)Invenit et fecit

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