The almighty dollar.

People get excited about making money. This follows after them getting having got excited about getting good grades in school.

I can understand them feeling relieved about making money. Just like they should have felt relieved about getting good grades in school. The alternative is really awful: Being poor or flunking out. Captive seals that get no fish from their handler today and starve to death tomorrow.

But it's more than that. They're proud of it: Look, Ma, my handlers threw me a fish today. I'm a good trained seal I am!

The zoo keepers and their staff run the place. If you really stand out as performing your tricks better than the rest of your zoo mates you get to be in the afternoon show for the visitors.

Go to Kaplan test prep website!
I have nothing against Kaplan: they are just trying to help kids whose parents have money, in the eternal war between studentkind and Educational Testing Service (ETS)(501)(c)(3), Princeton New Jersey. ETS are the Culture Criminals for testing kids in the first instance! Any port in a storm.
God save America!
All trash to recycling!

I read some Twitter thing some teacher wrote about what a good student was. It had to do with taking initiative in doing their assignments. A good trained seal take initiative to ask for new tricks to learn. I replied that for me the good student was one who innovated their own curriculum instead of doing the assignments and a good teacher was one who encouraged this And I said I had an instance: Teachers College Professor Maxine Greene. These people need to be put in their place: damage control.

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