Child abuseAll trash to recycling!

Headmaster of disciplinarian St. Paul's Illiberal Day Carcel for Pubescent Male Virgins except-for-omerta-sanitary-services-for-jocks institution in the 1950s / 60s. Child abuser. A Mr. Dialtone.All trash to recycling!

"Spare the rod and spoil the child" (Source despicable and myriad)

"Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34')

I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) was childreared by two ignorant victims of first half of the 20th century lower-class America childrearing, who cannot be held responsible for the crimes they committed against me because of what their social surround of origin had done to them (God inserted my soul in an inappropriate uterus). The social surround in which they were childreared was defective (aka:: "The American Dream"), and they were two of its victims. Robert Hubert McCormick and his first wife Stella ***** ***********.

Although they were antisexuals, they must have have copulated, because there were apparently: (1) a stillbirth output, (2) a severely deformed live birth that died within a day or two, and (3) me (I did not come by "Blessed event" Stork Delivery (BE/SD) from the Netherlands?). One of the medical doctors involved then earned a few bucks by genitally mutilating ("circumcising") me, for which he should have had both his hands chopped off to help prevent him from doing it to any more helpless male babies.

So I came already partly disabled into a social surround of benighted people, who proceeded to childrearend me: to hurt me by apparently believing they were doing the right thing, or being frustrated that I did not cooperate and not knowing what to do so they threatened me to try to bring me into conformity with what they had been indoctrinated: part of their indoctrination was that they should make what was in their power to control conform to what they had been indoctrinated to believe and to imagine they felt. They were clueless. As children, they almost certainly had been child abused by "normal" childrearing, and they passed it on → they kicked a can (me) up the road.

The net: Whenever the almost totally helpless litttle creature I was did not conform to what they had been socially conditioned to believe that I must conform to, they tried to coerce me into conformity with the norms they had been socially conditioned that I should condorm to. the old cliche of trying to hammer a round peg into a swuare hole. I therefore learned that the way to respond to anything I encounter in life is to hurt it. I am always at risk for hurting anything, including the things that I would later in life learn were not harmful but were good and which deserved to exist and to be cared for not hurt. I got what they paid for. Alice Miller wrote that the only person in Adolf Hitler's chlldhood home that the father (Alois) did not abuse was the family dog. Adolf went on to abuse people in his adult life. The world reaped what it sowed.

Let me repeat: Because I was bullied into submission by ignorant benighted childrearers I was taught to hurt and destroy everything, and despite a long lifetime of struggling to better myself with enlightened culture the bottom layer of my sould is always potentially destructive because it was built on abuse. I am a danger to everything including myself. This would not be the cae had I been raised like a responsible cat of dog breeder treats ihs (her, other's) female animals' puppies or kittens: with gentleness. Then the bottom layer of my soul would be to be gentle.

The world reaps what it sows, for one example: The Unabomber. To repeat his story: He wa apparently even more intelligent and more fragile than me. As an infant he was put in hospital for two weeks and that traumatized him. Before the hospitalization he had been a happy baby; afterwords he was sullen and withdrawn. The world had taught him a lesson. But that was not enough. When he was a Harvard undergraduate he took a psychology course wher he was unwittingly subjected to an experiment to see how people respond to being humiliated. When he discovered that, it pushed him over the edge, as the saying goes. He was going to make the world a better place by killing people. The only problem with this is that he killed people who had not hurt him directly, not that particular Harvard Psychology Professor who truly did deserve a death sentence to be carried out on him by being tortured to death. But no, that perp got off "Scot free" and probably never even knew the evil he had caused in the world, like if you run over a mouse on an Interstate highway driving a Humvee. What was his name?

No! No! No! I should have been raised like a cat breeder raises one of his (her, other's) Queen's kittens. Preferably because the kitten was loved and adored because of its adorable playfulness, but, if worst comes to worst, beause the kitten has a non-trivial monetary value and nobody will buy a kitten that has no "spark of life" in it. (Human beings are not worth as much.) Even in cold economic terms, disciplinarian childrearing would be a bad investment for society if what was wanted wsa citizens with spirit, not dolts that would ex-spend their lives flipping burdgers in McFood franchise stores or flipping publicly traded corporations on Wall Street. You reap what you sow: Ronnie Raygun and his wife Velveeta, and then Donald John Trump-L'oeil, with Jeffrey Skilling and Bernie Madoff along the way, not to mention people like Jeffrey Dalmer. An obvious question is: Why are not more people mass murderers? Because their own children are sufficient to absorb all the pus in their souls left from their own abusive childrearing? Because most people are not fully human and consequently not fully sensitive to what is done to them in childrearing? Kick the cat.

When I look at my pet cat, she reminds me that not every thing in my social surround ought never have existed. And it's true: In my adult life I have encountered a few good things in this world and even been able to have a few of them in my daily living (including the cat). Meow!


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Keane cat. Meow!
"Be gentle with me, please!"

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