These people are toxic.

Look in the mirror, you bully!

One mind f*cking conveniently self-deceiving behabior Selflessly Concerned Authority Figures (SCAFs) persecute Selfish Dependent Persons (SDPs) with is the projection game: The SCAF see every bad thing they can think of about themselves as if it was on the SDP instead. They then berate the SDP for having these faults (which, of course the SDP does not have but the SCAF does have). If the SDP tries to point this out to the SCAF, that just make the SCAF get even more irrationally furious at the SDP.

The mirror does not lie. It says: "YOU BIG BULLY!"

SDP cannot say: "Look in the mirror, bitch!" If they try to say it in a polite way it just gets boomeranged back. If SCAF accuses SDP of thinking everything is about him and SDP points out that that is what SCAF is doing, then SCAF remonstrates that is more proof the SDP thinks everything is about him. I have not been able to assess how much of the situation the SCAF understands: Are they really so dense that they believe what they are saying? As the SCAF asks the SDP: "What's wrong with you?" Do they just not register that a person who asks, i.e.: accuses, somebody: "What's wrong with you?" generally has something wrong with themself to ask such an offensive insulting presumptuous threatening question?

SCAFs are relentless: They will not quit until they have replaced the the contents of the SDP's soul with what [they have determined] it should be and the SDP has sincerely confessed: "Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son." (Luke 15:21) Below is a list of SCAF to SDP verbal behaviors. Just turn each statement back on the SCAF:

I need to remember that we all die in the end, including the SCAFs, so nothing matters, ultimately, except not to suffer any more than necessary.

"There is no memory which time does not efface,
And no pain to which death does not bring surcease.
(Sancho Panza)   

(But I'd like something better until I die, after which, Everybody, please feel free to eat my corpse, raw or cooked any way you may like.[1])

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  1. Mind f*cking licensed mental health professionals run their mouths off about forgiving you parents. I have to try harder to forgive myself for having been childreared and schooled by grossly incompetent people who left me holding their bag, and for having had to learn that destructive licensed mental health professionals exist. Sorry, kid! Better luck next time – Oh, sorry again; there is no next time, is there?

Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!

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