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Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson
Microcephalic black tribal woman fertility idol with pendulous udders


At left (above) is a picture of a life-size equestrian statue of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Until recently it stood in Baltimore Maryland's Wyman Park, across Wyman Park Drive from The Baltimore Museum of Art. When I worked in the Muaeum, 1969-72, I would frequently take a little work break to visit the statue. The statue was recently taken down (2017) due to objections by black activists in their obession to dehagiographize dead white people. They replaced it with a hagriographicizing statue (above right) of a grotesquely pregnant black female, which looks to me to be tribal fertility figure. It too was subsequently removed, so that all that is left now on the site is the raw naked plinth.

Left: Flawed giant, U.S. POTUS №3, Thomas Jefferson, Renaissance man, deist and slave owner. Right: his architecturally important home, Monticello (Charlottesville, VA).

I liked the statue and I think it should not have been removed to appease the activists' idiological agenda. They are having fun lynching dead people, instead of preserving history. Of course Robert E. Lee was a traitor to The Union. Of course he owned slaves when it was legal to do so, like people today rent wage-slaves when that is legal. So what? I think if, for no other reason, the statue should have remained to annoy poitical correctnessers and help keep them from stirring up even more consequential trouble being resentful of civiization, as semiotic equivalents of coal-fired power plants polluting the meteorological air: choking and poisoning minds not alveoli.

With over 7.94 * 10 ** 9 concurrently living warm squirming bodies on this small planet, the last thing we need is more of them from some tribal fertility goddess inspired foetus factories.

I liked the statue for a reason which has nothing to do with racial politics: I envied a man [Jackson] who was not stupid who had a manager he could respect [Lee]. I did not (Barbara Krizak). For me, the statue expressed the hopeful idea that a constructive manager-employee relationship was conceivable. I would have liked to have one, and, when I took the job at the Museum, I thought I might have one, but the man who was supposed to be my boss left for a better job and Ms. Krizak, a recent Goucher B.A. art history graduate who thought because she was a Goucher girl that she was hot stuff: a self-important young tattletale bitch lady, got the job when I had not been there nearly long enough to apprentice up to it (if I would have got it then, question-mark).

No way would I argue the statue was great art. It's mediocre; but the bloated uterus with the shrunken head is disgusting, isn't it? Had the activist demanded Jackson and Leet be replaced by Rodin's TheThinker, or, ideally, to celebrate honorable political sacrifice: Rodin's Burgers of Calais, I would have been all for it. But not a hypertrophically pregnant microcephalic with pendulous udders.

I have also read that Robert E Lee was not exactly in Alexander the Great's class as a military leader. But, again, so what? The statue stood as documentation of a world that was gone and persons who were important in that world, and, for me, to repeat, as a symbol for the decent mediocre work of 1940'sUS.A. urban park public art?

Statues and other artworks that should be removed from public view

Ronald Reagan mistakes a statue of Dr. Ruth Westheimer for The Berlin Wall.

All statues, paintings and other works of art where the sex organs are hidden under fig leafs, a hand prudishly placed or clothing or drapery obviously arranged to hide reality should be removed from public view because they desecrate the spirit of celebration of straightforward erotic pleasure. All prigs and prudes should be required to wear a scarlet "P" on their chest to make it easy to avoid them and if they act up in their self-righteous censoriousness, to shun them. Public establishments including art museums and libraries (for obvious reasons!), restaurants, bars and hotels should not be required to admit or to serve them, nor should they be eligible to be hired as teachers, mental health workers or in any other endeavor where their perversion could hurt anyone.

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