Landscaping modelled on Japanese "Wedded rocks"

"To create a work of art is to create the world." (Wassily Kandinsky)



In Japan there are places where, in the water near the shore, there is a large rock with a smaller rock nearby. Shinto religion ties a rope between the two rocks. This is called "wedded rocks".

In my home in Chappaqua, I implemented this idea in a large and a small garden, each with rocks, per the picture above. The large garden, in the background, does have a rock (actually, it had 3 rocks) which are not visible in this picture. (Largest rock in big garden is just barely visible in picture below, mostly obscured behind vegetation.) In extreme right foreground of present picture is driveway, which abuts the walkway to the house's front door. Buddhist temples in Japan have "dry gardens" with "seas" of raked white gravel; my sea was driveway, walkway and lawn.

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