The invasion of the Yuckies

They paved Paradise, put in a parking lot....
Codename: LAWNBOY. His lawn is so perfect it looks like astroturf.
They paved Paradise, put in a parking lot....

The above pictures show my nextdoor neighbore's after (top) and before (underneath) looked a pair of Yuckies bought it a couple years ago. It was owned by a retired school teacher (physician?) who was very old and reclusive. He apparently did not keep up to date on house repairs, but the house fit in with the neighborhood which is eclectic houses on quarter acre or larger lots, with lots of [often dying] trees.

Many of the houses date from the 1930s and were originally vacation cottages for people to get away from the summer city heat before air conditoning. A mixed bag of people bought the houses and over the years made all sorts of odd additions and other upgrades. Suburban but not just a bunch of the kind of people who buy new tract houses or MacMansions. The old man died.

A young couple from "the city" apparently the woman growing a foetus, bought the house and maybe they actually lived in it for afew weks (unclear). It was Covid and they went off to Nantucket. The house sat for a while and then they spent an enormous amount of money renovating it. The various remodelling people seem to have done very good work.

I immediately smelled they didn't deserve it an disdained them [growing their foetus out on Nantucket], especially after the electrician screamed obscenities in frustrated rage about them wanting him to do something with the power line that was illegal but they didn't like the way what was legal looked. From what I heard through a closed window across the street, I thought the electrician was engaged in a brawl with another worker but he was just venting his frustrsated rage at his client.

Meanwhile, they had every tree on the property except one removeed (it too went later) and seeded homogenized lawn that looks more like astroturf. Seemingly per the ideology of the Joni Mitchll song:

They paved paradise; put in a parking lot.

The man is obsessed with the lawn.

So the property has lost its charm and has this big lawn. When they returned frorm Nantucket, the man obeseeively mowed the lawn. When I triee to talk to hom one morning, his rection was paranoid: Wih his head looking down at the ground, told he HE HAD NOT TIME, BUT IF HE HAD NO tIME how did he have time to be obesessively apparently distributin fertilizer from a 2-wheel hand spreader on the lawn? In lawn we trust.

The female outputted the foetus and the two were, of course, much occupied with their new baby (not just their lawn).

They built a high impermeable solid white fence around the whole back yard and started filling the yard up with stuff: A children's swing set, a big tent, their grill.... And they have lots of guests over too often. Their driveway is just uncouth gravel. They apparently don't care about that piece of unfinished business. I don't think they care [end of sentence; the white-collar Simpson family? The zombies?]

The are not very friendly. Normally I pet the dogs of the varioua people in the neighborhood when they walk them. Most of fhe dogas are friendly. But the lady indicted to me that their dog was not friendly (why should it be?). Like them?

They are [self-]entitled people. They should have coughed up more emoney to live in a place more appropriate to themselves. The man built a shed in his back yard and I called the town building department on it and he is upset with me for calling the building departent instead of being upset with himself if he has caused himself any problem by his activity. He even said something offensive to me: He told me he I had too much time on my hands. Of course I did not reply to this but I was puzzled that he would have such an intelligent thought even if he did not undertand what he had said. My subsequent thoughts which I kept to myself wecame he would just get more hormonal, ran: If people like him could keep all the people beneath tham (ie., everybody exept the people they probably toadie up to...) busy all the time in minimum wage jobs, then the people would have no time or energy to think about people like him and how in-your-face they are.

H probably belongs in Friends (on TV, not in society), or "in The Village". I miss the old man, even though I never actually met him. A couple times deliveries for him came by mistake to my house and I would take the pakage over to him. After I yelled if anyonw was home, he would curmudgeonedly yell to leave it at the door. He didn't bother anybody (he had a nice bird's egg blue Toyota Solara car discreetly parked in the driveway behind the house). These new people are what they are.

Tis the season....

"These people" moved in before Xmas 2021. On the roof of their house they put huge electric light star at about a 60 degree angle on 2nd floor. It looked to me like a beacon for sitcom extra-errrestrials to find the landing strip for their space ships. It was garish. Alas, like them. ~ Xmas 2022, they're back at it again: hereNext2a

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