"I have fought the good fight...."

You are about to leave the Free World and enter into a benighted country where there are no personal freedoms, no citizens' rights, only surveillance and punishments, ruled over by an unelected authoritarian dictator with absolute power: S Atherton Middleton. Keep moving!
Keep moving!

KEEP MOVING!Keep moving!


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Steel cage to protect the face of a lacrosse gladiator.

I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) needed private tutors not public toilets; There was not privacy for students in this institution. I did not want to participate in promiscuous single-gender public nudity (multiple-occupancy toilet room without privacy partitions / "locker room"). I should not have been interred in a concentration camp. To borrow a phrase from Marcel Duchamp, I did not aspire to be: "The boy stripped bare by his teaches even".

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