The most consequential epileptic seizure in the history of the world

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Thess 5:21)

So this dude had a fit and fell off his horse onto the good solid Roman paving of the Road to Damascus. What a shame his skull did not hit the pavement a lot harder! Gray matter on the highway. Scrub it down with disinfectant in case he has Mad Evangelist Disease.

But no, just a little brain damage, and he saw flashes of light and thought: One of the religious sects that claimed Jesus Christ as their Leader had to stamp out all its competitors and triumph to become the cesspool of pious shenanigans Martin Luther would later complain about. What a trip! Pride in the form of humbly serving one's auditory hallucinations comes after a fall, when what the dude really needed was a long rest in a sanatorium and maybe a course of ECT.

Is his horse about to poop on the road? Horse manure must have been a continuing issue for Roman road maintenance crews, like snow in winter on America's Interstate Highway System. You can slip and fall if you step on it a wrong way. Why are all these persons making a big fuss over this guy, who looks like he knows what's going on, and is managing the show. Looks like he's feigning having a headache; give the guy some Tylenol (or does she need Midol?). Wake up, little Suzie, let's go for a ride... to Damascus General's ER. Time to go, old man.

Saul of Tarsus morphing like a caterpillar going quickly thru its larval stage, into St. Paul and seeing that his new and locally acquired belief is Universal and Eternal Truth for everybody everywhere. Now that really is transubstantiation, folks!


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