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This page is dedicated to deceased Professor Louis Forsdale, who gave me a good grade on a stupid paper I wrote about this film (Summer, 1985). Prof. Forsdale really liked to study films.

All power toe the sailors soviets! Ship's physician who approved maggot infested meat as fit for the crew to eat getting his just reward.

This may be my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) favorite scene in all cinema. It's in Sergei Eisenstein's "The Battleship Potemkin". After being bossed around too much, the ship's crew mutinies. One particular grievance they have is with the ship's physician officer, who looks like old IBM company psychiatrist Dr. David Bruce Robbins, but Dr. Robbins was a good guy to me: He even gave me a copy of a journal article to help me with my doctoral dissertation. But the ship's physician in the film was not a good guy: He had certified maggot infested meat as fit for the crew to eat.

Maggots on the sailors' meat.

Here we see that after the sailors have captured this despicable creature, and they have dragged him "kicking and screaming", grabbing on for dear life to anything in reach to try to keep himself from his fate → the crew members unceremoniously launch him on a parabolic arc, in accordance with the inexorable law of gravity, from the ship's deck (superstructure), into the briny deep. Here we see the physician just after the start of his little journey into the Baltic Sea. He cannot swim. Following a shot of the maggots crawling on the slab of meat Yummy! (right); The title card for his blessed event (it's a silent film) reads:

"To the bottom to feed the worms!"

Would that all the vermin in my life would go with him! Godspeed!

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