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Ideal home for an individual or couple without children

"Bauen, Wohnen, Denken" (Build to dwell to think; Martin Heidegger)

What better could a single person or a couple without children want to live than a sweet cozy apartment like this? Of course, a window in the bathroom and a balcony would be big pluses, and definitely a washer/dryer (put them in that little closet right outside the bathroom). The closet in the entrance foyer could be used not only for a couple coats and boots, but also for books and wine and a few other small treasures.

What else could one or a couple want? A front door open to the elements to get cold and/or hot and/or wet trying to find the key to unlock it in the dark, or for the cat to escape and become a "LOST CAT!" (instead of just finding itself in the enclosed public hall if it sneaks out the door)? A furnace and hot water heater and maybe a sump pump to call one's own? A lawn to fertilize, pest control, water and mow? God help us!

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