Revolutionary (or reactionary?) slogan: "Cogito ergo sum!"
"The self shall rise again!"

Groupism: Body snatchers, soul murderers

Political correctnessers and all other quislings who suck the life out of individual persons to bloat their "group", like a giant waterbug injects its venom into a frog to liquify its organs and then the waterbug sucks out the frog's innards, leaving a deflated frogskin balloon, as if the group was a giant SuperBeing above individuals, and individuals should submit themselves as worker bees unquestioningly self-sacrificing, i.e., giving up the ghost/dying, for the "good" of the hive – except for yourselves, of course, who "lead from the rear" you "activist" Barcalougers and your fellow travelers!

It is dangerious, demeaning, ignorant but very convenient for you to get people to believe bullshit. You are right in a way that a kind of collectivity subsumes the individual, but you have no clue what it is: It is not some SuperEgotistical Queen Termite or even hippies' Gaia above the individual, but rather the prelinguistic life of the infant below the individual, which, as such, still needs to be preserved and nourished in individual living personal human bodies not patriotically eaten for lunch by the group which is only a linguistic construct: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori, Black lives matter, etc.

We cannot understand the inner life of the infant because it is not linguistic and only what can be expressed in language can be understood. It must be a kind of undifferentiated "field", out of which (A) self (that repulsive-to-all-"activists" except their own, monster loathed by grouthinkers) and (B) other (including the Group Leader the worker bees are supposed to obey implicitly, "Yessuh! Yessuh! Yessuh! Massa! – I mean: Yesmx, Esteemed Politically Correct Activist Leader!"), and also (C) material things (e.g.: cinderblocks) precipitate.

What needs to be preserved is still the individual person (horror of horrors for you people eaters who want everybody (except, of course, for your very own self-less, i.e., selfish in-everybody's-face-nesses...) to be a worker, soldier or foetus factory) because the group can exist only as a precipitate out of that prepersonal field which, lamentably for you groupthinking totalitarian "Activists" who connive to woke everybody – are empirically situated in individual human bodies, so these individual human bodies must not only be nothing but cannon fodder, because if you use them all up there ain't gonna be no SuperPersonalGroup – isn't that a shame? Boo! Hoo! You, body snatchers / soul murderers!

Cut it either way: Respect the individual, or really understand the group, and either way you gotta worship the individual, in the one case as a soul, in the other as the only host on which the the Almighty group can lead its parasitic existence. Of course there is a difference: If you honor the individual soul, not a single human body is dispensible; if you want just the group, you only need to make sure you do not exterminate "every last one" of them. Please, please, please, "activists"/Group Leaders: Consume yourselves, because you are individual persons, too, and you wouldn't not want to miss out on the good stuff, would you? Ain't you lucky not to be human beings like other people, you Activists?

Ignorant is as ignorant does. Disgusting is as disgusting does. Please eat yourselves; it won't work but you will at least kill yourselves trying, and it will be politially correct, woke it? You loathsome traitors to civilization! And you know what will come out your rear end into your mouths to choke on in the process? Your own words. Bon appetit!

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