Boobs and other misfortunes

Is this thing going to explode?

This is a true story: I listened to two premenopausal post-menarch ladies talking about the first one's having given birth to a child and subsequently breast-feeding it. (This woman had been on her way to having a second, when luckily for both herself and also global hyperoverpopulation, she had a miscarriage.) She had had preeclampsia during her pregnancy; the pregnancy had not been a garden of earthly delights for said lady.

She was mildly complaining about how much heavier her breasts had become after nursing. She was not describing this change in her boobs as a great boon. I don't get it: Why would a woman risk the constant proprioceptive pleasure of her perky youthful breasts to bear a screaming, squirming, greedy incontinent blob of baby fat and then the sequelae? Why risk it?

A mother cat is proud of her kittens. She cannot produce a great work of art. But the human female can. So why re-produce a yucky blob of protoplasm and risk the esthetics of one of your best physical assets when you could produce a work of art instead, and keep your "figure"? Go figure!

How could the physical beauty of Titian's young lady at left be improved? By breast and buttocks enlargements? Or maybe by effective contraception since she comes from the 16th Century where she was likely at constant risk of losing her beauty to greedy foeti. The only thing I remember from High School Spanish class about "El sombrero de tres picos", other than the first sentence, is that the donkey owner's wife was "barren". How lucky can you get?[1]

I can understand it for an illiterate Polish peasant -- a member of the Babushka set -- who lacks the education to be able to create anything. She may be not much evolutionarily higher than or even as high as a cat or dog. But if a lady has a college educaion, why would she want to do it? And, in the case I have cited, the woman had had a "difficult" pregnancy.

I know of another human female who is a high school reading specialist (a higher rank than a regular classroom teacher), in an upscale public school system, who enjoyed being pregnant, would have liked to have done it more than the only 2 times she did do it, whose body has only been moderately damaged like varicose veins (for what should be obvious reasons, I don't know about her boob shapes and tonnage) by the process, gave birth easily and quickly and who is now ever increasingly unhappy that her two daughters who are now one 30 and the other maybe 25 years of age, have not yet given her: Grandchildren. At least she's not as bad as the India Indian pair who are suing their son for $600,000 USD because they paid for him to go to school to become a commercial airplane pilot and he has now been married for 5 years and has not yet given them a stock dividend on their certificate of deposit. How selfish can people be!

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  1. I do, however distinctly remember something from Spanish class itself. One fine morning I greeted the teach with a loud and cheerful: "Bonus dai-az!" The prick! I was an "A" student, so he surely knew I knew "Buenos dias". But insted of showing good humor he ass-igned me to write "Buenos dias" 500 tmes. He also punished us students by requiring us to read a book in Spanish during our soummer respite from school. I hate vocabulary words, and almost all the books were novels with their endless streams of each-word-differnt words to suffer from. But there was one small history of the American Civil War book on the list, and I snatched that up! It was not only the shortest book on the list, but also had the amallest set of differnt words in it. He did not appreciate that I had not shown a good attitude. A**hole prick!
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