Why was this bitch causing trouble in Taiwan (+022.08)?

U.S. Senator Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan to self-righteously stir up trouble with Mr. Xi's ChinaNext

Mr. Xi is apparently saber rattling in China at this time (+2022.08.06). Why? Maybe to distract his people from domestic problems? In any case, he's doing that. We know that for many Chinses people, "face" is very important unlike, say, for Mr. Putin in Russia.

America's President Biden said all sorts of nasty, insulting and threatening things about and to the President of the Rusian Federation. He does not seem much bothered by the words, just about whether they actually mean something extra-linguistic. Mr. Putin can write the words off as immaturity on Mr. Biden' part.

Mr. Xi is not that way. He probably is obsessed with feeling that The West has disrespected China for a long time (author's note: So what, dude?), and he wants us to not jut act respectfully but also to express respect. Ms. Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was in-his-face. What she really should have done to maximally infuriate him is to have taken off her underpants and mooned him. But she didn't have the guts to show him her pub[l]ic hair.

Mr. Xi thinks the island of Formosa is part of China and he does not like that the Kuomintang escaped there in the late 1940s and have stubbornly held out. Since all nationalities are bad, just some worser than others, what does it matter if Taiwan is part of the so-called People's Republic of China or not? It matters to the people who would economically lose from being absorbed into the Mainland. And since people who cannot create anything get off on waving the flag, those people also believe "their country" matters even if their own lives would not much change one way or the other. If you don't have a good reason to live you can find one in wanting to die – for your country, of course. Apply the Göring principle (here).

What wa Ms. Pelosi trying to accomplish by her visit? Was shr jus having a bad hair day and should have kept herself to herself in sunny California?

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The article: "A generation gap opens in how Taiwanese react to threats from China" ("Fight or Surrender: Taiwan's Generational Divide on China's Threats") disgusts me. Young people want to fight. the older people want to live. The young people need to stop provoking trouble that will result in trouble for people who want no part of it. They need to study the arts and sciences, not make a lot of noise massing as large herds of 2-legged sheep bleeting loudly in streets.

They want freedom and democracy. Freedom for what? To make a lot of noise? Mr. Xi is not going to prevent them from making a fast buck with the kind of "freedom" you get in a capitalist country such as his: freedom to extract surplus value from employees. Democracy? What democracy? Democracy to demand regime change so that when they get the regime they like they'll try to prop it up against people who want yet another regime change? I too am for regime change: not freedom of enterprise, but freedom from enterprise, which America's 2nd President envisioned for his grandchildren almot two and a half centuries ago now. What's taking so long? (text here). I don't want to waste my life being part of any economy.

No ideology should be believed in, and any ideology can be studied. If I was free in Mr. Xi's China to study the writings of Chairman Mao, fine; if the writings of Adam Smith, fine. The religion of the whiners – typo: Uighurs, fine. Christians, fine. Moonies, fine. As the line from the Amerikitsh movie "Gone with Windows NT 3.51" had it: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." I'll study anything; just let me study. The medium is the message.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs visits Formosa to receive Tang Prize at Buddhist Sutro UniversityNext

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@bradfordmccormick8639 8 hours ago [+2023.08.06]
What a contrast! Proressor Sachs lecturing on peace and prosperity on Taiwan, contrast with Ms. Nancy Pelosi who recently visited that island on a PR stunt where she did everything except pull up her skirt, turn around and moon Mr. Xi.
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Bradford McCormick | New York

Ms. Pelose needs to apologie to Mr. Xi for the gratuitous insult she did on her PR stunt to Taiwan some months ago. The Chinese government pleaded for us to not do do it. It was entirely unnecssary.

We need reconciliation and coexistence not saber ratting and flag waving acoss the Strait of Formosa.The very real issues our two countries have need to be worked out in mutual respect acoss a negotiating table not by our representatives standing on the shore and sticking their tongues out to spite the other side just because we don't like them. Either we will live together in peace of we will die together in nuclear war. Winning and losing mean nothing when both sides have hydrogen bombs.

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