Maybe I am wrong about a lot of things?

Maybe, or maybe not?Keep moving!

I might be wrong about a lot of things? But if you can't take a mistake and think about it, don't you have a problem? I am committed to physicist Niels Bohr's instruction to his students:

Take every statement I make as a question not as an assertion.

You, my reader, do the same, yes (for instance, if you are a teacher)? I treat everything everybody says that way, although, naturally I raret tell them because often they are narrow minded and insecure or too intent on bossing others around to not try to harm me for threatening their either real or faigned dogmatisms → either being duped or duping dupes (or, conveniently for themseles, both). How can anybody go wrong by following Prof. Bohr's advice, especially revered rebbes intrusive parents and other people who like to tell others what to believe snd what to do?

I never tire of being unsurprised to see how offended people get when they ask me to apologize for something and I sincerely apologize for what they (or some other factor or agency over which I had no effective control...) did that led me to do what they didn't like me doing, instead of accepting blame for something I didn't cause. They should be appreciative of being enlightened about themselves and their world, shouldn't they, for as the Bible says: "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works" (Matt 5:16), especially things you may be trying to get away with, yes?

Some things of which I think I can be confident:

Anything a lot of people like is probably not appealing. Anything a lot of people believe is probably false. Anything a lot of people do is probably wrongheaded (if not strightforwardly wrong). Anything in one's own country's propaganda is at least as intended to deceive as everything in said country's enemies' propaganda (there is no such thing as "my" country – only the country I am stuck living and paying taxes in at the present moment). Anything Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy (born 25 January 1978; unfortuately not yet dead as of +2022.09.25) saus or does is the most intentionally misleaading and dangerous of all.

Anything somebody tells me is good for me probably is only good for making them feel good about themselves because I do not. There are exception, in both senses of (1) people who are not part of the many, and also (2) needles in the haystack: valuables in the vast pile of their excrement the many continue to pile up each new day. Less is more and God is in the details (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe).

The more there are the less each is worth.
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