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2024.04.03 08:28 (-4h)[J 1.10.2]
These scripts keep this website a well-oiled machine where everything meshes together....
●  AsciiShow Ascii character set (or: extended).
●  Hexprint  Print hexadecimal dump of file (hilites bad characters: example).
●  TzMultiGenerate Dada poems.
●  BPRecord blood pressure readings.
●  NUBPMore analysis of blood pressure readings.
●  ZZGenerate boilerplate for White House website user comments against President Biden's Ukraine war.
●  delDelete file(s) after taking a backup ("..\deleted\...").
●  Sc9String search all old Cloud9 html files.
●  C9imagesFind images used in new website from old.
●  w/DICTDictionary from image names to their [Wiki structure] directories (produced by w/WBCount).
●  WBCTRCount WB file updates.
●  WBBKUPIDCurrent backup file serialization number.
●  WBLOG-TSLast backup timestamp (from WBupdate).
●  V1List of all HTML Files in this website w/ their version numbers.
●  V2List recently added (and changed) images.
●  WBInclusionsIncluded data for other scripts (229).
●  WB_Transforms   Shorthand WB transformations.
●  WBProcess HTML "templates" (plus: backup file ("..\backups\...") and update version stamp).
●  WBdiffCheck if HTML file changed after WB edit.
●  WBafterList most recently changed HTML and image files.
  WBupdateUpdate timestamp of last upload of files to Dreamhost (produces WBLOG-TS).
●  WBTreeProduce cross references of links in website, and V1 file.
●  w/WBCount  Produce directory (w/DICT) of image files in website.
●  WBSearchString search utility for HTML files in this website. [ "%%1%" for "^", "%%2%" for ">" ]
●  WBMapMap depth of internal page links in website.
●  WBMCount WB Macro invocations.
●  w/WBcompare    Verify that image files in Dreamhost are up to date.
●  WBheadsValidate external links.
●  WBYList most recently added image files (produces V2 file).
●  WBWAutomate updating HTML and image files in remote install of source code (processes V1 and V2 files).
●  WBXDo global text replacements on all HTML files in this website (incl. update version stamps).
●  WBZGenerate directory locations for image files.
●  QuoraGenerate TOC for a Quora log page.

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