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Politically correct Activist woking his followers.

⬑Politically correct Activist woking his (her, other's) followers.

+2021.08.06 This page will log what happens during an upcoming in-person visit to my social surround from the protagonist in my: The Angela Davis Loving Bourgeoisie page. Normally this personAll trash to recycling! is on The British Isles. But they are coming to The United States for a short visit, beginning "five days from now", where now equals: +2021.08.06. The best outcome that can be hoped for is that this page remains empty, which would mean that The Activist came and went away without doing anything that causes me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) distress.

My understanding is that this person has for many years been an activist leader in the AIDS community. I do not know the details of his work there, but I imagine it is highly honorable and socially constructive. I have entirely no reason to quarrel with him there, just as Ralph Nader's work against dangerous automobiles ("Unsafe at any speed", etc.) was highly honorable and socially constructive.

If I was on an empty street where there were no policemen to protect me, and I saw this person anywhere around, I would detour any way I could to avoid him due to fear for my bodily integrity. I would hope he was so busy being "Active" that he would not notice me.

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It looks like I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) dodged a bullet. The Activist's return flight to England was pushed up a day due to an impending hurricane on the U.S. East Coast. I escaped without having to make too many excuses for not attending family events where he was present. I was told I should suppress my feelings about this person "because he is part of the family", like previously, I have been supposed to repress my beliefs and feelings about a different person whom I have concluded was a real life Circe, but who, in retrospect, was less of a problem than the present person, because they were only a private individual not a political agent.

I did a Google search on the present person. He may be an even "bigger fish" in the AIDS world than I had thought. As previously, I can only presume all this is highly constructive social activity furthering public health. But also all the more reason to be distressed by his extra-AIDS ADLB ideology, because the "bigger" a person is the more impact than can have in the broader social world (esp.: by influencing their "followers"").

Also I am not sure about his putative educational background (or lack of same) but I have no way of verifying that. In any case, it's not a matter of credentials, of which my own are not First Class, but of the future of world civilization in the present age of political correctness and Wokism (what I am now precisely describing as: "Ethical cleansing") which seems to threaten to throw away the ideas and accomplishments of The 18th Century European Enlightenment, and replace liberal civilization with a variety of coordinating sectarian orthodoxifying neo-tribalisms:

"Tenebrae mentium tenebra orbis"


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