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100W(2) <=
4109, 515, HanoverAve, NorthlandRoad
1983(65) <=
Education, Glossary, MArch, OrnamentAndCrime, PsychOffice, Scheissestuckwelt, Scripta, Vannaty, Venturi, welcome
4109(2) <=
100W, 515, HanoverAve, NorthlandRoad, Vermin
515(2) <=
100W, 4109, 703, B2, C19C, Ethnicity, Grumble, HanoverAve, Huang, Inane, MArch, Me, Mullah, Music, Nakedness, NeverAgain, NorthlandRoad, Philosophy, Shoulders, Spirit, Suburbia, WhiteTrash, WorkBook, Z
7027 <=
703 <=
ADLB(22) <=
ADLB, Alienation, APtS, BLM, BRADFORD, ChangeLog, Darkness, DirectingDesire, Ethnicity, Evil, False, Fopland, Glossary, Godot, Good, Grumble, HeilHitler, Hungary, Individuality, isms, Lists, Maxims, Misc, Mullah, NoBigDeal, NYNYT, Personal, Perspective, Petty, Puns, QuoteCloset, TaBoos, TheActivist, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, Tired, Waldo, Waste, welcome, WhiteTrash, WorkBook, WoZu_X
ADLB_doc(4) <=
Aletheia(1) <=
ObjectPresenting, PsychicDeadness, QuoteCloset
Alice(3) <=
BRADFORD, CCC, Huang, MotherBitch, NYNYT, Personal, Remember, Shoulders, Waste, welcome, Wo, WorkBook, XDec
Alienation <=
Philosophy, TheLifeOfTheMind, welcome
alt-Plato <=
Book09, ChangeLog, Philosophy, Proof, welcome
Americanism(2) <=
NYNYT, welcome
Animals <=
AntiAnti <=
ADLB, Darkness
Apparatchik(2) <=
ADLB, Darkness, Puns
APtS(3) <=
Atget, Imagine, InFesta, NYNYT
Arch(15) <=
DissertEND, Ethnicity, LetsTalk, MArch, Mullah, My_canon, Myths, OODA, Potemkin, Spirit
Archimedes <=
AS(4) <=
Arch, AS, Hollerith, isms, Maggot, My_canon, Play2, Prejudices, PsychicDeadness, Stall, WageSlavery, Waldo
Atget <=
Arch, Broch, Luxe, Mullah
B2 <=
BarbedWire(2) <=
BRADFORD, CCC, DissertEND, Ethnicity, Experiment, Goedicke, Grassroot, Huang, MoreAboutWar, Passum, Prejudices, welcome, Western_Front, Wo, Z
Begin(1) <=
EndOfEarth, welcome
Biden(3) <=
ChangeLog, Glossary, Hospital, NYNYT, OhNo, Uncartoons, welcome, Zelensky
BLM <=
AS, Glossary, Individuality, welcome, WorkBook
Blonville <=
BMWK(6) <=
BNY <=
BooHoo(2) <=
Book09(6) <=
APtS, BRADFORD, Darkness, Glossary, Greek, Images, LetsTalk, Lists, Maxims, Maximums, My_canon, NYNYT, Philosophy, QuoteCloset, Reading, TDSBR, Thanks, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, Typos, Wiki, WorkBook
Bottom(4) <=
Box(14) <=
Broch, Patek, Prag, welcome
100W, 1983, 4109, 7027, 703, ADLB, ADLB_doc, Aletheia, Alice, Alienation, alt-Plato, Americanism, APtS, AS, Atget, B2, Begin, BMWK, BNY, Book09, Bottom, Box, Broch, Bullets, C19C, C2, Cannibalism, Capitalism, Cats, CCC, Cher, ChildAbuse, Circ, Circle, Cloaca, Communication, D3, Darkness, DeadMaterial, DeJoyless2, Democracy, DirectingDesire, DissertDESC1, DissertDESC2, DissertDESC3, DissertEND, DissertEX1, DissertSTART, DissertTHEORY, DissertTHEORY2, DissertTHEORY3, Education, Ele, EndOfEarth, EndOfTunnel, EsGibt, Ethnicity, Evil, Existentialism, Experiment, Failure, False, Fink, FLW, Fopland, Forsdale, Fortuna, Freedom, Freud, Glossary, Godot, Goedicke, Good, Grassroot, Greek, Grist, Grumble, HanoverAve, Hegel, HeilHitler, Hollerith, Hospital, Huang, Humor, Hungary, IAmSoDiscouraged, IBM, Identity, Imagery, Images, Imagine, Incipit, index, Innocence, IntoTheLight, isms, Job, JohnWild, JSource, Judgment, JustSo, Khan, KillingTheCats, LespritDeLescalier, Lists, Live, Luxe, Maggot, ManAndGod, Manet, Mannerism, MArch, Maxims, Maximums, Me, Meta, Misc, MissedChances, MisuEyes, ML, Modern, MotherBitch, Mount_Clare, MovableType, Mullah, Music, My_canon, MyFlesh, Myths, NA, NaiveArt, Nakedness, Nix, NoBigDeal, NoliMeTangere, NorthlandRoad, Nothing, NOYB, NYNYT, ObjectPresenting, ObjektiveGeist, OdileCat, OdileHouse, OhNo, Omelet, OnCitation, OODA, OrnamentAndCrime, Patek, Patriotism, Personal, Petty, PhilCris, PhilosoBabble, Philosophy, PK, Play, Play2, Play3, PopeFrancisPlaylist, Potemkin, Prag, Prayer, Prejudices, PrepForWhat, Proof, PsychicDeadness, PsychOffice, Pugin, Puns, Puzzles, QuoteCloset, Rape, RCC, Realites, Realpolitik, Remember, Respect, RottenChicken, Ruckwarts, SaulOfTarsus, Scheissestuckwelt, ScumAndSuds, Sentimentality, Shoulders, Shrinks, Spirit, Stall, StDenis, Stigmata, StopWatchGo, StP, StP2, Suburbia2, TDSBR, TeachingMoments, Telos, Thanks, TheActivist, TheBarrier, TheLastHero, TheLifeOfTheMind, TheNet, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, THINK, Tired, TooMuch, Truman, TwoPaths, Typos, Ukraine2, Ukraine3, Unconcealment, Unhurried, Vermin, VirtualReality, Waldo, Warnings, Waste, wedded, welcome, WhatIf, WhiteTrash, WhomIWouldLikeToBe, Whopper, Wiki, Wo, WorkBook, WoZu_X, WrightBowl, WWIIM, XDec, Zelensky
Broch(5) <=
703, Atget, Blonville, Everyman, Fortuna, index, LaNotte, LetsTalk, MArch, MotherBitch, NoliMeTangere, Rubbish, welcome
Bullets <=
Grist, TheNet
Bully(2) <=
C19C(21) <=
Bullets, Circ, Fink, Meta, Mullah, Prejudices, PxCx, ScumAndSuds, SplitFaceMonk, welcome
C19Y21S1 <=
C2(4) <=
Judgment, TwoC
Cannibalism <=
Warnings, welcome
Capitalism(2) <=
MotherBitch, NYNYT
Cats(4) <=
Animals, BRADFORD, CCC, Covid-19, Existentialism, Good, Incipit, JohnWild, Judgment, KillingTheCats, LetsTalk, MisuEyes, ML, MotherBitch, Music, Myths, NYNYT, Omelet, Passum, PC, Personal, Play2, Puzzles, Scat, TwoC, WageSlavery, welcome, WhomIWouldLikeToBe
CCC(4) <=
EndOfEarth, Glossary, Luxe, Mannerism, Misc, NaiveArt, OdileCat, PxCx, Shoulders
ChangeLog <=
Dashboard, welcome
Cher(4) <=
Bottom, Fopland, Innocence, isms, Luxe, Mannerism, Myths, NaiveArt, pater, Potemkin, Prejudices, Spirit, WoZu_X, XDec
ChildAbuse <=
Darkness, PrepForWhat
Circ(8) <=
Arch, Bullets, DissertTHEORY3, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Existentialism, False, Glossary, IHaveADream, Imagine, Inane, Innocence, JustSo, Lists, Mini, Misc, Mullah, MyFlesh, Myths, NoBigDeal, Personal, Petty, PhilosoBabble, Prejudices, Puns, QuoteCloset, Shoulders, Telos, TheBarrier, Tired, Truman, Warnings, welcome, WoZu_X
CirceEtCie <=
Aletheia, Glossary, LHOOQ, Myths, NaiveArt
Circle(2) <=
Begin, PsychicDeadness, TwoPaths, welcome
Cloaca <=
EndOfEarth, Stall
Communication <=
Covid-19(4) <=
D3(2) <=
Box, Patek
Darkness(13) <=
ADLB, AntiAnti, BLM, Book09, Cloaca, Education, Existentialism, Failure, False, Glossary, Huang, Hungary, Imagery, NYNYT, Perspective, Petty, PhilCris, Puns, Scheissestuckwelt, TheActivist, welcome, WorkBook, WoZu_X
Dashboard <=
Experiment, Images
DeadMaterial(4) <=
DeJoyless <=
DeJoyless2, Puns, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, WhiteTrash
DeJoyless2 <=
DeJoyless, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard
Democracy <=
DirectingDesire(18) <=
Warnings, wedded, welcome
DissertDESC1(2) <=
DissertDESC2(6) <=
DissertDESC3(6) <=
DissertDESC2, HeilHitler
DissertEND(27) <=
DissertSTART, index, Mullah, PsychOffice, QuoteCloset, welcome, XDec
DissertEX1(8) <=
DissertDESC1, DissertDESC2
DissertSTART(6) <=
DissertEND, Fink, QuoteCloset
DissertTHEORY(18) <=
DissertSTART, DissertTHEORY, QuoteCloset
DissertTHEORY2(2) <=
DissertTHEORY3(12) <=
Education <=
TeachingMoments, welcome
Ele(8) <=
Grumble, JustSo, Lists, Myths, Petty, Puns, welcome
EndOfEarth(6) <=
100W, 4109, 515, ADLB, ADLB_doc, Alice, alt-Plato, Americanism, Animals, AntiAnti, Apparatchik, APtS, Arch, Archimedes, B2, BarbedWire, Biden, BLM, BooHoo, Bottom, BRADFORD, Bullets, Bully, C19C, Cannibalism, Capitalism, CCC, ChangeLog, Cher, Circ, Cloaca, Covid-19, Dashboard, DeadMaterial, DeJoyless, DeJoyless2, Education, Ele, Ethnicity, Everyman, Evil, Existentialism, Experiment, Failure, False, Fink, Florida, Flying, Fopland, Freedom, GayPride, Glossary, GottMitUns, Grading, Greek, Grumble, Hagiography, HanoverAve, Hegel, HeilHitler, Hospital, Hospitality, Huang, Humor, Hungary, IAmSoDiscouraged, IBM, Identity, IHaveADream, Imagery, Imagine, Inane, Individuality, InFesta, Influencer, Innocence, isms, Job, Judgment, JustSo, LespritDeLescalier, LHOOQ, Lux, Luxe, Maggot, ManAndGod, Manet, Mannerism, Maxims, Me1, Mini, Misc, MissedChances, ML, Monumentality, MoreAboutWar, MotherBitch, MovableType, Mullah, Myths, NaiveArt, NatServ, NeverAgain, Nix, NoBigDeal, NorthlandRoad, Nothing, ObjectPresenting, OhNo, Omelet, Passum, passum_sub_iugum, Patriotism, Personal, Petty, PhilosoBabble, Philosophy, Ping, PK, Play, Play3, Potemkin, Prayer, Prejudices, Proof, PsychicDeadness, Rape, RCC, Realpolitik, Respect, RottenChicken, Rubbish, ScumAndSuds, Sentimentality, Shrinks, Sleeper_awake!, SplitFaceMonk, Surrealism, TaBoos, TakeItLikeA, TheBarrier, TheLifeOfTheMind, TheSilentWoman, TheWinner, Time, Tired, TwoPaths, Typos, UI, Ukraine, Ukraine2, Uncartoons, Vannaty, Venturi, Vermin, WageSlavery, Waldo, Waste, WCF, Western_Front, WhiteTrash, WhomIWouldLikeToBe, Whopper, Why, Wiki, Wo, WorkBook, WoZu_X, XDec, Yakuza, Z
EndOfTunnel(2) <=
EsGibt <=
Ethnicity(25) <=
DeadMaterial, DissertEND, Grumble, Lists, Myths, NeverAgain, Philosophy, Puns, PxCx, QuoteCloset, Warnings, Waste, welcome
Everyman(6) <=
Bottom, BRADFORD, Ethnicity, Fortuna, Innocence, Judgment, JustSo, Mannerism, Music, NorthlandRoad, welcome
Evil(9) <=
ADLB, Flying, Greek, LifeLite, Petty, PsychicDeadness, Suburbia, Tired, Unhurried, welcome, WorkBook
Existentialism <=
Darkness, JohnWild
Experiment <=
Failure <=
False(4) <=
ADLB, Darkness, NYNYT, welcome
Fink(2) <=
LetsTalk, welcome
Florida <=
FLW <=
Respect, Shoulders
Flying <=
Alienation, Evil, JustSo, ScumAndSuds, Suburbia, TheBarrier
Fopland(3) <=
Cher, Cloaca, Hagiography
Forsdale(8) <=
Communication, Ele, JohnWild, LetsTalk, Maggot, Mullah, Music, Nothing, Shrinks, Sleeper_awake!, Testing
Fortuna <=
Begin, Broch, CirceEtCie, Everyman, FLW, Grumble, Hagiography, index, OhNo, OnCitation, Play2, Play3, TwoPaths, WorkBook
Freedom <=
ChangeLog, welcome
Freud(2) <=
Experiment, PsychOffice, Shrinks
GayPride <=
ADLB, Darkness
Glossary(38) <=
Aletheia, Alice, Box, Bullets, C19C, Cats, Cher, CirceEtCie, Education, Ethnicity, Everyman, Freedom, GayPride, Glossary, Godot, Greek, Hagiography, HeilHitler, Huang, IAmSoDiscouraged, Identity, Imagery, Inane, index, Innocence, Khan, LetsTalk, Lists, ManAndGod, Maxims, Misc, MotherBitch, Music, My_canon, Myths, NA, Nakedness, Nix, NoBigDeal, OhNo, Passum, Patek, Personal, PhilosoBabble, Play2, PrepForWhat, PsychicDeadness, Puns, PxCx, Respect, Rubbish, Scheissestuckwelt, ScumAndSuds, Shoulders, TakeItLikeA, Telos, Testing, THINK, Time, Tired, TwoPaths, Typos, UI, Vermin, WageSlavery, welcome, WhiteTrash, WhomIWouldLikeToBe, WorkBook
GO-power(2) <=
Godot <=
Alienation, BRADFORD, Education, IAmSoDiscouraged, WorkBook
Goedicke(2) <=
Good(24) <=
APtS, InFesta, NYNYT, StDenis, welcome, WhomIWouldLikeToBe, WrightBowl
GottMitUns(5) <=
Grassroot, Music, welcome
Grading(2) <=
Bottom, Forsdale, Glossary, Goedicke, Huang, Meta, NeverAgain, Puzzles, Testing, welcome, WhomIWouldLikeToBe, WoZu_X, XDec
Grassroot <=
BarbedWire, Grassroot, JudasGoats, MoreAboutWar, Patriotism, ShortStory, TheLastHero, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, Ukraine, welcome, Why
Greek(6) <=
Grist <=
Bullets, Misc
Grumble(13) <=
Puns, Stall, Vermin, WoZu_X
Hagiography <=
HanoverAve(2) <=
100W, 4109, 515, NorthlandRoad, ObjectPresenting, WorkBook
Hegel(2) <=
APtS, Archimedes, Lists, Mullah, OODA, TaBoos, Waldo, welcome, WhiteTrash
HeilHitler <=
ADLB, Darkness, False, Hagiography, TheActivist
Hollerith(4) <=
Ethnicity, Hegel, IBM, Mullah, Prayer, PxCx, Remember, Testing, welcome
Hospital <=
Hospitality <=
ChangeLog, welcome
Huang(120) <=
ADLB, Aletheia, Alice, ChangeLog, Cher, Cloaca, DissertEND, Everyman, Evil, Experiment, Failure, False, Glossary, Grading, Hungary, Inane, index, InFesta, LetsTalk, LHOOQ, Lists, Manet, Maxims, Maximums, Me, Meta, MotherBitch, Mount_Clare, Mullah, Music, Nakedness, NatServ, NoBigDeal, Noise, NoliMeTangere, NYNYT, ObjectPresenting, Personal, Philosophy, Play, Play2, Play3, Prag, Prejudices, PrepForWhat, PsychicDeadness, PxCx, QuoteCloset, Rape, RCC, Realpolitik, Ruckwarts, StP2, TaBoos, Telos, Testing, Tired, Vermin, welcome, WhiteTrash, Whopper, WorkBook, WoZu_X, XDec
Humor(6) <=
Fink, JustSo, Puns, Rubbish
Hungary <=
ADLB, ADLB_doc, BLM, Darkness, False, Incipit, TheActivist, TheSilentWoman, welcome
IAmSoDiscouraged <=
ChangeLog, NYNYT, Vermin
IBM <=
1983, AS, Bottom, Box, Cannibalism, Cats, D3, DissertEND, Education, Ethnicity, Everyman, Fink, Fopland, Forsdale, Glossary, Greek, Grumble, Hollerith, Huang, Imagine, index, isms, JustSo, Lists, Maggot, MArch, Maxims, Meta, Misc, MissedChances, ML, Modern, MotherBitch, My_canon, Nix, NoBigDeal, Nothing, OhNo, Passum, pater, Patriotism, PC, Personal, Philosophy, Play, Play2, PrepForWhat, PsychOffice, Puns, Puzzles, Reading, Realites, Scripta, Shoulders, Shrinks, Sigma, Sleeper_awake!, Stall, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, THINK, Time, Vermin, WageSlavery, WhiteTrash, Wo, WoZu_X, XDec
Identity <=
IHaveADream <=
Circ, welcome
Imagery(4) <=
Images(2) <=
Dashboard, Experiment, Imagery, welcome
Imagine(4) <=
Huang, welcome
Inane(4) <=
B2, Scripta, Suburbia
Incipit(11) <=
Begin, Bullets, Covid-19, DissertEND, Ethnicity, index, Innocence, Judgment, Lists, Misc, Myths, Patriotism, Remember, Sigma, Sleeper_awake!, Spirit, TheNet, TwoPaths, Waste, welcome, WoZu_X
index(18) <=
EndOfEarth, welcome
IndexOfSubjects <=
Dashboard, Experiment, Glossary, Images, NYNYT, welcome
Individuality <=
InFesta(12) <=
Biden, EndOfEarth, Huang, Humor, Job, LHOOQ, PK, Play, Thanks, TheNet, Waste
Influencer <=
ChangeLog, Music
Innocence(2) <=
Everyman, Experiment, Grist
IntotheLight <=
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isms(19) <=
Capitalism, Good, Ping, WoZu_X
Job <=
JohnWild <=
Forsdale, LetsTalk, Scat, welcome
JSource(48) <=
CCC, index, Lists, Meta, Nothing, Wiki
JudasGoats(2) <=
BooHoo, NYNYT, Patriotism, WhiteTrash, WorkBook
Judgment(6) <=
Failure, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, TwoPaths, welcome, WorkBook
JustSo(12) <=
AntiAnti, Everyman, Evil, Flying, Grumble, Hospital, Khan, Lists, Maxims, MovableType, Music, Myths, Philosophy, PK, Puns, QuoteCloset, Scat, Sigma, Stall, TaBoos, Tired, welcome
Khan(4) <=
Glossary, LetsTalk, Shrinks, Tired, Truman, welcome
KillingTheCats(26) <=
Cats, Ethnicity, My_canon, welcome, WU_KillingTheCats
LaNotte(6) <=
Broch, Everyman, Philosophy, WhatIf
LespritDeLescalier(2) <=
LetsTalk(2) <=
CirceEtCie, Experiment, InFesta, Play2, PxCx, WageSlavery
LifeLite <=
Evil, THINK, welcome
Lists(17) <=
Maxims, ML, Music, NeverAgain, Personal, Puns, Shrinks, Time, welcome
Live <=
Lux <=
DirectingDesire, Good, Myths, Personal, Spirit
Luxe(4) <=
BarbedWire, Realites, welcome, XDec
Maggot <=
AS, Ukraine
ManAndGod <=
EsGibt, Truman
Manet <=
ChangeLog, StDenis
Mannerism(6) <=
Ethnicity, Innocence, My_canon, NaiveArt, OrnamentAndCrime, Potemkin
MArch(18) <=
Arch, Broch, CCC, DirectingDesire, Ethnicity, LaNotte, Lists, Mannerism, ML, Potemkin, PsychOffice, welcome, Wo, XDec
Maxims(48) <=
Maximums, Music
Maximums(4) <=
Dashboard, Lists, Puns, QuoteCloset
Me(6) <=
Me1(2) <=
ChangeLog, MotherBitch, welcome
Meta(13) <=
JSource, Passum, Wiki
Mini <=
Misc(44) <=
Ethnicity, Mount_Clare, Nothing, Petty, Realites, Shoulders, Waste, WoZu_X, XDec
MissedChances <=
MisuEyes(1) <=
Cats, Realites, Spirit
ML(9) <=
Bottom, CCC, EndOfEarth, Good, Grumble, Hollerith, Prag, PsychOffice, Puzzles, Uncartoons
Modern <=
C2, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, welcome
Monumentality(2) <=
ChangeLog, Identity
MoreAboutWar <=
MotherBitch(4) <=
Aletheia, Alice, BLM, BRADFORD, Cannibalism, CirceEtCie, Cloaca, DissertEND, Everyman, Evil, False, Freedom, Glossary, HeilHitler, Huang, index, Judgment, LespritDeLescalier, Manet, Maximums, Me1, MissedChances, Mullah, Nakedness, NoBigDeal, NorthlandRoad, ObjectPresenting, pater, Petty, Philosophy, Play2, Prag, Prejudices, PrepForWhat, PsychicDeadness, RottenChicken, Ruckwarts, Shrinks, Stall, Stigmata, TakeItLikeA, TDSBR, TeachingMoments, Tired, Vermin, welcome, WhiteTrash, WorkBook
Mount_Clare <=
Huang, Misc
MovableType(4) <=
JustSo, Nix, Puns
Mullah(8) <=
Aletheia, Archimedes, Atget, BLM, C19C, Circ, DissertEND, NYNYT, Perspective, Prayer, Waste, welcome, WorkBook
Music(13) <=
Lists, PopeFrancisPlaylist
My_canon(2) <=
Dashboard, Lists, Music, WageSlavery
MyFlesh <=
Myths(10) <=
Arch, Circ, DeadMaterial, index, Job, Mullah, ObjektiveGeist, PC, PhilosoBabble, PK, Prayer, Puns, Spirit, TwoPaths, WageSlavery, welcome, XDec
NA <=
Aletheia, welcome
NaiveArt(7) <=
CCC, CirceEtCie, Cloaca, Forsdale, Luxe, OhNo, PxCx, welcome
Nakedness <=
Huang, Me, Scripta
NatServ <=
NeverAgain(6) <=
Nix(4) <=
ChangeLog, MovableType
NoBigDeal(4) <=
Alice, Glossary, Hospital, Imagine, Inane, Me, MotherBitch, NA, Play, Play2, PrepForWhat, Stigmata, TakeItLikeA, Ukraine, welcome, WhiteTrash
Noise <=
IAmSoDiscouraged, Identity, Philosophy, Prayer, ScumAndSuds, Uncartoons, Waldo
NoliMeTangere(2) <=
Alice, Alienation, BRADFORD, Bullets, Circ, Dashboard, Ethnicity, Evil, Freud, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, NoliMeTangere, Petty, Shrinks, Stigmata, Wo, WoZu_X
NorthlandRoad <=
100W, 4109, 515, HanoverAve
Nothing(3) <=
Misc, MyFlesh
NYNYT(8) <=
ChangeLog, Dashboard, NYNYT, welcome, Zelensky
ObjectPresenting <=
HanoverAve, welcome
ObjektiveGeist <=
OdileCat <=
OdileHouse, welcome
OdileHouse <=
OhNo(2) <=
ChangeLog, NaiveArt
Omelet <=
OnCitation <=
[ TMTC ]
OODA(6) <=
Arch, AS, Dashboard, Hegel, Petty, TwoPaths
OrnamentAndCrime <=
Arch, Rape
Passum(6) <=
EndOfEarth, LetsTalk, Lists, QuoteCloset, Sigma, welcome
passum_sub_iugum(2) <=
Patek(9) <=
7027, Spirit, welcome, WoZu_X
pater(2) <=
Alice, Apparatchik, APtS, Capitalism, DirectingDesire, IAmSoDiscouraged, isms, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, Passum, Play2, Potemkin, welcome, WorkBook, Z
Patriotism(2) <=
Americanism, BooHoo, Box, C2, EndOfEarth, GottMitUns, Grading, Huang, isms, JudasGoats, JustSo, Maximums, MotherBitch, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, Scat, Suburbia, Testing, TheWinner, TwoPaths, Ukraine, WhiteTrash, Whopper
PC(22) <=
Imagery, PsychOffice
Personal(24) <=
Alice, BRADFORD, Broch, Covid-19, DissertEND, Failure, Misc, Reading, Sigma, Spirit, Sword, wedded, welcome, WoZu_X, XDec
Perspective <=
Archimedes, Darkness, Fink, WorkBook
Petty(16) <=
1983, ADLB, Alice, Alienation, BNY, Bottom, BRADFORD, Bullets, Bully, CCC, Circ, Dashboard, DissertEND, Education, Ele, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Evil, Experiment, False, Fink, FLW, Forsdale, Glossary, GO-power, Goedicke, Grading, Hegel, Huang, IAmSoDiscouraged, Imagery, Imagine, Innocence, Judgment, LespritDeLescalier, Mannerism, Maxims, Maximums, Me1, Misc, MotherBitch, Mullah, MyFlesh, Myths, NoBigDeal, ObjectPresenting, OODA, Passum, Philosophy, Play2, Prag, Prejudices, PrepForWhat, PsychicDeadness, Puns, QuoteCloset, Rape, Rubbish, SaulOfTarsus, Scripta, ScumAndSuds, Sentimentality, Shoulders, Shrinks, TDSBR, Testing, TheSilentWoman, THINK, Tired, Truman, Unhurried, Vermin, WageSlavery, Waldo, Waste, welcome, Wiki, Wo, WoZu_X, XDec
PhilCris(122) <=
1983, BLM, Book09, Darkness, index, LetsTalk, Mullah, TheActivist, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, welcome
PhilosoBabble <=
Philosophy, WorkBook
Philosophy(10) <=
Circ, Dashboard, False, Huang, Maxims, Myths, Puns, Sleeper_awake!, TheSilentWoman, Tired, Waste
Ping(2) <=
Cher, Darkness, Ele, EndOfTunnel, GO-power, Hungary, Innocence, Lists, ManAndGod, OrnamentAndCrime, pater, PhilosoBabble, Philosophy, PsychicDeadness, Puns, Rape, Shoulders, SplitFaceMonk, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, Tired, welcome, WhiteTrash
PK(12) <=
NYNYT, PK, welcome
Play <=
InFesta, Thanks, welcome
Play2 <=
Play3(2) <=
PopeFrancisPlaylist <=
Potemkin(8) <=
Arch, Mannerism, MArch, Pugin, Puns
Prag(2) <=
ADLB, Circ, Freud, Glossary, Grading, Inane, isms, Job, MArch, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, OODA, Personal, Puns, PxCx, Ruckwarts, Shrinks, StP, StP2, TeachingMoments, TheLifeOfTheMind, Tired, welcome
Prayer(8) <=
Ethnicity, Goedicke, IAmSoDiscouraged, Personal, welcome
Prejudices <=
Music, RottenChicken
PrepForWhat(8) <=
Huang, welcome
Proof <=
PsychicDeadness(4) <=
Aletheia, Alice, Alienation, Apparatchik, Evil, Experiment, Fink, Freedom, GayPride, Glossary, Godot, Inane, JustSo, Mullah, NaiveArt, Nakedness, NoBigDeal, NYNYT, OODA, passum_sub_iugum, Petty, PhilosoBabble, Philosophy, Play2, Play3, Prag, PrepForWhat, Puns, ScumAndSuds, Suburbia, TakeItLikeA, TeachingMoments, TheActivist, THINK, Unconcealment, Vermin, welcome, WorkBook
PsychOffice <=
DissertEND, Freud, MArch, PC, Shoulders, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard
Pugin <=
Puns(93) <=
Box, C2, Dashboard, Ele, Grumble, Humor, index, InFesta, JustSo, Lists, Maxims, Modern, Music, Ping, Stall, TheSilentWoman, welcome, Whopper
Puzzles(2) <=
Grading, NOYB, Prayer, Puns, Testing
PxCx(2) <=
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BMcC signature seal stamp. Modelled on 18th century messenger's letter box in collection of Suntory Museum, Tokyo. Japanese write poems and prayers on slips of paper which they tie into knots like this shape although with longer legs. Prayers are often tied to branches of trees which can look like they are covered with snow. "Symbol of a symbol, image of an image, emerging from the destiny that is sinking into darkness...." (H. Broch, "The Sleepwalkers", p.648) Always remember. Add value. (This image created not later than 21 May 2003)Invenit et fecit
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