Apocryphal course for Spring Semester 2021

"Not yet and yet already" (BMcC translation from Broch)

Hello, students! This is your teacher speaking. I was trying to figure out what we should do here this semester. At first I thought you all could write about what good you have found in the Covid-19 pandemic, if anything, but that didn't really excite me. So now I think what we're going to is think some about death, since we've still got the pandemic and anyway we'r eall getting older and who knows what even today will being.

So I've decided we're going to try to translate some of Hermann Broch's book: "The Death of Virgil". Or, rather, I'll try to bumble through it and you'll get the benefits and you will have to write something about what I bumble through. I'll keep it up to date on my website so you don't have to write it down. Anybody have any objections? I'd like you to read the book, but you can watch Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal instead, or you can just think about living and dying. You know, some persons don't die for themselves, because they die only for us in their sleep, or maybe they get blown up like the citizens of Hiroshima and I think it's not likely there's an afterlife. But if there is, then they'll be where they will be, and I don't think we have any communication with them.

So, keep calm and carry on, till next week, unless there are any questions already. No? Class dismissed. Have fun while you can but keep safe!  

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